You Ever Get Drunk And Stab Your Roommate Over An ‘Android Vs. iPhone’ Argument? No? Just These Guys?


Two roommates in Tulsa broke beer bottles and stabbed each other after their beer-fueled argument over 'iPhone vs.

woman bites penis

Woman Arrested After Attempting To Bite The Dick Off Of Sleeping Boyfriend


There are crimes of passion that are somewhat understandable because they come in the heat of the moment between two people who at one time had amorous feelings towards one another.


Tulsa Unveils New Gold Helmet, Somewhere King Midas Rejoices


You probably haven’t thought about Tulsa football for a long time which is a shame since they had a hell of a season last year.


Tulsa Won Conference USA Thanks to a Super-Weird Punt Return


Tulsa punt returner Trey Watts should get a 99 rating in awareness in all subsequent football games.

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