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VIDEO: Crane Smashes Truck, Europeans Go ‘No, No, Mi Scusi’

Stupid Eye-talians

Grant Balfour’s Truck is Bigger Than Yours

Grant Balfour is a fiery dude who likes to throw the high cheddar. His unique style of screaming like a […]

Cleveland Browns Fan Creates One of the Coolest Tailgating Trucks You’ll Ever Find

The truck is hot fire, there's no two ways about that, but it's obviously flawed: hard to really play pool when you can't take a shot

Watch a Lunatic Drive His Jeep into a Pool

This is how you demolish an above-ground pool in Canada. It is infinitely more fun than the more traditional method of dissembling it responsibly. You

Chevy and Dodge Trucks Have a Tug-of-War, and the Winner Handles It Well

Come to see which truck would win in a tug-of-war, stay for the chick screaming "THAT'S F*CKED UP!"

Watch This Badass Ballerina Slackline Across Two Speeding Trucks

Ballerina Faith Dickey has cojones bigger than you. The world record-holding highliner recently pulled off an impressive slacklining feat between two speeding big rigs on

Ever Wonder What a Lovechild Between a ‘62 Pick-Up Truck and Pontiac Grand Am Looks Like?

Last week, the automotive equivilant of a Girl Talk song popped up on Knoxville Craigslist for a cool $3000. The man made a nauseating vechicle lovechild that's

Driver Watches Mack Truck Rollover and Then Crash Into His Car

I've got to hand it to the driver of the car for not rendering himself sh*tless after a Mack Truck came charging at him, but

Well, This is Certainly an Obnoxious Pickup Truck

There's being That Guy, then there's being This Guy. This Guy has decided to pepper his pickup truck with the stickers of sports' most popular

Watch a Fat, Smug Lady Driving a Prius Yell Self-Righteously at a Dude Driving a Truck

Wow, this lady's freakout is almost straight from the infamous South Park "Smug Alert" episode a few years back. This is America, damnit.