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A Chilean Bro Just Digitally Trolled Spain IRL


Bro Perfectly Trolls LeBron James’ Fourth Quarter Leg Cramp During High School Graduation

He gets the laughs he was looking for.

Man Awesomely Trolls His Ex-Wife with Epic Newspaper Personal Ad

This is how you troll...

Two Bros Are Trolling People on Tinder and Posting it to Their Site Called ‘Tinder Vomit’

So there is a site called TinderVomit.com, created by two friends, for the sole purpose of fucking with people on Tinder.

Deadmau5 Pulls an Epic Troll During His Ultra Set, Then Gets In a Pissing-match with Tiësto RE: Avicii

I'm 100% convinced that big name EDM DJs are the biggest douchebag divas in the world.

Bro Named David Thorne Perfectly Trolls His Office, Receives 10 Hilarious Complaints In Six Months

Bravo to this unapologetic office troll. He somehow managed to get 10 formal office complaints of the period of six […]

The Washington Wizards Brilliantly Trolled Miami Heat Fans Last Night

Being from Washington, D.C. (like me), you have to deal with a lot of shit when it comes to sports. 

18 Fortune Cookies That Are Totally Trolling People

Fortune cookies — those crispy, sugary, crunchy little buggers which signify the end of a Chinese feast — have been around since the 19th century.

Sofia Vergara and Jimmy Kimmel Read Mean Internet Comments to Each Other, Only One of Them Looks Hot

Sofia Vergara was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and before she came out to be interviewed (we'll post that later) her and Jimmy read

Guy Goes Around Making Vines of Him Trolling Rich Dudes in Expensive Cars

What a weird, unnecessary hobby. But hey, whatever keeps your heart beating, AMIRIGHT? No. I'm not right. I'm probably very wrong in this instance. But that

Behold, a Textbook Example of Fox News Trolling

Well this is amazing. Everyone who is going to college this fall should watch this video just to realize how low the bar has fallen

Here’s Brick Stone Trolling the Westboro Baptist Church Across the Country

Brick Stone—aka comedian Dave Sirus—has developed trolling the Westboro Baptist Church into as potent an artform as Sly Stallone acting in a Rambo movie. He annoys

Westboro Baptist Church Member Has Interview Ruined by Naked Man Sitting on Him

This is all a promo for some sort of live crucifixion stunt (?!) that's happening this weekend and will be livestreamed on a site which

This Clip of Russell Brand Philosophizing About Life Shows He’s Either Very Smart, or a Huge Troll

Likely a combination of both. 

‘Elaborate Speech Class Prank’ Features Dude Faking a Mexican Accent for the Entire Semester

Now THAT'S commitment. 

Improv Group Holds Uproarious Boardroom Meeting in the Middle of a Staples Showroom

Turns out that wasn't so easy.

Donald Trump May Be the World’s Greatest Troll, As Evidenced from These Great Derek Jeter Tweets

Donald Trump is a very rich man. And because very rich men no longer have to spend all their time figuring out how to reach

‘New York Post’ Rips on Jets’ Inability to Score in Uproarious Fashion

At first glance, this looks like one of those serious 'Playmakers' type headlines, a confirmation that Sexy Rexy has completely lost control of his cocky

Sports Links For June 27th: The Obama Trolls Boston Edition

Your mid-week sports roundup is full of trolling, socialites, and an undercover baseball operation:

‘Thank You Hater’ is an Ode to Internet Trolls

This is for everyone who has ever had an Internet troll call them gay, or tell them they hope they die of cancer, or say

Patton Oswalt Teaches Us That Trolls Were Saying ‘First’ Long Before the Internet

I've always imagined what kind of person takes the time to say "first" in a comment thread on the Internet. Where the f*ck is the