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Freestyle Soccer Champ Wears an Old Man Costume, Destroys Noobs

Don't trust old people.

Sneaky J.R. Smith Untied Shawn Marion’s Shoes During a Free Throw

J.R. Smith is an interesting and entertaining athlete, but I can't help but question his sportsmanship after he pulled the old untie-the-shoe trick on Shawn

This Optical Illusion is Completely Mind-Blowing (Seriously)

Which shape is darker?

David Blaine Completely Mind Fucks Ricky Gervais With A Magic Trick

It's the old shove a needle through your bicep trick, gang. Classic hocus pocus. Yeah...no. 

Sacha Baron Cohen Pranked a Host of Celebrities in a Horrifying Way

Even knowing this was a prank didn't ruin the video for me. 

10 Bets You Will Always Win

Unless everyone you ever make a bet with has also seen this video. In that case these would be 10 Bets That Make You Look

This Guy’s Cigarette-Smoking Tricks Will Change Your Afternoon

I found this video to be equal parts inspiring, sad, and aggravating. Homeboy doesn’t give one single fuck about anything as long as he has

Just a Bunch of Kites Dancing to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

It’s exactly what I described in the title. On one hand, this seems like the dorkiest thing a group of people could do. On the

Heath Frisby Lands Snowmobiling’s First-Ever Frontflip

Heath Frisby became the first to person to ever land a snowmobile frontflip in competition during yesterday's X Games. It was just ...