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This Hockey Bro Can Do the Most Incredible Tricks You’ve Ever Seen with a Skoal Tin

Is there anything more Bros love than packing mad lips and doing tricks?

Kid Does the Sickest Back-Flip, Bicycle-Kick Trick Shot You’ll See Today

Holy CRAP this is awesome.

Dude Perfect’s Lastest Trick Shot Video Would Make Vin Diesel and Babe Ruth Proud

Dude Perfect!

Baseball Bro On Vine Can Do Incredible Tricks With His Bat

This is one of the coolest thing you'll see today.

Man Uses Hot Blonde to Create the Best Pool Trick Shot Video Ever

here is nothing this man can't do with two balls and a stick.

Kid on a Trampoline Sinks Maybe the Greatest Basketball Trick Shot Of All Time

Woah... Dude Perfect has NOTHING on this kid.

Bored Bros Make an Incredible Bottle Cap Snap Trick Shot Video

I've ALWAYS sucked at snapping beer bottle caps like this, so I'm insanely jealous of this guy's raw talent.

NHL Prospect Sonny Milano Shows Off Amazing Puck Juggling Tricks (Video)

Sonny Milano's skills with the puck are NASTY.

These Golf Trick Shots Had to Take FOREVER to Execute

Golf trick shots are all the rage right now.

The Assisted Golf Trick Shot is a Glorious Addition to the Trick Shot Canon

Do this: grab a golfer buddy, stand behind him on the range, and try out the tandem trick shot shown below.

Dude Perfect Makes a Sick Trick-Shot Video With Nothing But Nerf Balls

If you’re going to make a trick shot video, why not go for broke use nothing but Nerf balls to […]

Dude Perfect Made a Winter Olympics-Inspired Trick Shot Video

  You’ve got to hand it to Dude Perfect, people still want to watch their trick shot videos long after […]

The San Antonio Spurs’ Mascot Hit a No-Look, Three-Quarters, Backwards Shot

The San Antonio Spurs' mascot (which is a coyote??) performed this sick stunt over the weekend. 

James Fraschilla Is the Best Trick Shot Artist in America

Oklahoma's James Fraschilla has made a trick shot video each year of his college career. The shots have steadily increased in difficulty; the cameos have

Japanese Soccer Player Nails Sick Trick Shot During a Wedding Reception

Shunsuke Nakamura was tasked with hitting the ultimate trick shot at a (possibly real) wedding in Japan. 

This Is Hands Down the Best Golf Trick Shot You’ll Ever See

No hyperbole, I promise you this is the craziest golf trick shot you'll ever see. PROMISE it, no bullshit. At the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championships

Mountain Biker Martyn Ashton Drops The Most Insane Trick Shot Video Of All Time

Holy. Crap. Mountain biker Martyn Ashton just dropped one of the most batshit trick shot videos ever made. In fact, it's safe to say this changes the

Dude Perfect Made a Trick Shot Video with Ryan Tannehill In a Dick’s Sporting Goods

Is there anything better than getting paid to do what you love? Props to OG trick shot video YouTuber Dude Perfect for making a bunch of

New Zealand Bros Make the Sickest Beer Pong Trick Shot Video of All Time

Here at BroBible, we've posted quite a beer pong trick shot videos over the years. This one, however, from a bunch of swagged out Bros in Wellington, New

Harlem Globetrotter Casually Sinks 109-Foot Shot, Has Awesome Name

You know what’s even more impressive than sinking a 109-foot shot? Having the name Thunder Law. 

University of Arkansas Fraternity Wins the Internet with Sick Bounce Trick Shot

Instead of studying, the Phi Delt house at the University of Arkansas thought it'd be fun to make a trick shot video. One Bro nails a

College Bros Make a Trick Shot Video of Tossing and Chugging Full Cups of Beer

Not that Bros ever look for our approval, but yeah, we approve. 

Dude Perfect Refuses to Play It Safe With Nerf Trick Shot Video

Dude Perfect. Two words. One unmatched commitment to excellence.

Ranking the Best Flip Trick Shots Of All Time

These aren't just any trick shots we're talking about here. These are flip trick shots, where people have the skill to bury a basketball shot

Basketball Trick Shot Game Reaches New High With 321-Foot Heave

This is evidently a record. But it’s a record because mankind has previously had the good sense not to spend tremendous time and energy trying

Washington State Cheerleader Makes 3/4-Court Shot While Doing Flip

I feel bad for this male cheerleader. Wow, weird sentence.

Bro Makes the Sickest Soccer Skills Trick-Shot Video You’ll Watch Today

Well, freestyle footballer Andrew Henderson just won the Internet today...

The Pool Basketball Trick Shot Game Keeps Getting More and More Fierce

"Game's the same. Just got more fierce." 

Is This the Greatest Game of Horse Ever Played?

Brodie Smith is one of the hottest names in the trick shot game. Yes, there’s a thriving trick shot game out there.

Fox News Anchor Injures Trick Shot-Performing Baby with Basketball

Brian Kilmeade, ladies and bros! Has he completely turned into his SNL impression? Why you gotta hurt Trick Shot Titus?

Rory McIlroy Has a Hilarious Trick Shot Video with a Trash-Talking Robot

This was one of the more entertaining trick shot videos we've seen in recent months. Probably because it involves the number two player in the

Brodie Smith Has a New Frisbee Trick Shot Video, This Time on a Soccer Pitch

Frisbee trick shot autuer, Brodie Smith, recently headed to the Chicago Fire's practice field for some epic trick shots. Things got weird, man, because that's

Dude Perfect’s Latest Trick Shot Video Masterpiece Includes Stunt Driving

Has Dude Perfect started getting a seven-figure budget to shoot his YouTube trick shot videos yet? I mean, come on: Stunt driving?! What's next, teaming

Couple Makes Pool Trick Shot Video, Must Be So in Love

It’s fairly safe to assume that a couple that makes a pool trick shot together celebrates by making sweet, sweet love on the table. We’ll

USC Commit Zach Smith Makes Epic Long Snapping Trick Shots Video

Zach Smith, senior at Atherton, California's Menlo School and the #2 long snapper in the country, has so much swag it's not even funny. Oh

Brodie Smith Has an Epic Trick Shot Battle with 3OH!3 and…. Jeff Goldblum?

This video has a frustratingly slow start, but my mind was blown when Jeff Goldblum made an appearence. Props to Brodie Smith for some serious star-power

French Golfer Romain Bechu Made Golf Ball Juggling Video That Puts Others to Shame, Even Tiger Woods

Romain Bechu, the 1550th ranked player in the world, may not be the next rising superstar on the PGA tour, or any tour for that

Bros’ Day at the Beach Features Epic Slide n’ Slide Alley-Oop

This is billed as an “epic” trick shot, and it’s one of the few times that term isn’t empty hyperbole.

Finnish Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen Releases Another Awesome Trick Shot Video

Back in February 2011, the UNC Asheville goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen dropped a trick shot video that blew up the Internet. Since then, he's periodically capitized on his

Brodie Smith Has a Dope New Frisbee Trick Shot Video from China

It feels like forever since Brodie's Smith's last trick shot video, but he's finally back. His latest creation of ridiculousness is from China, where he nails