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USC Commit Zach Smith Makes Epic Long Snapping Trick Shots Video

Zach Smith, senior at Atherton, California's Menlo School and the #2 long snapper in the country, has so much swag it's not even funny. Oh

Is This Dude Perfect’s Most Insane Trick Shot Video Ever?

What happens when Dude Perfect partners up with our favorite YouTube auteur, Devin Graham? Sparks fly and viral video magic happens. Dude Perfect was given

Dude Perfect Uses World’s Largest Slingshot to Make Incredible Trick Shot

No one does trick shots better than Dude Perfect. And do you want to know why? Because making a ridiculous trick shot requires

This Crossover Dribble Ruined a Kid

Dear God. It was one thing when Kendrick Perkins got posterized by Blake Griffin. He's a professional basketball player and has millions on

DeSagana Diop’s Free Throw Attempt Didn’t Quite Make It

Charlotte Bobcats big man DeSagana Diop is not exactly the man one would want on the foul line with the game on the

VIDEO: Roger Federer Trick Shot—Real or Fake?

Somehow we missed this Roger Federer trick shot video last week. Our bad. Although it's nine days old and has received over 5,000,000 YouTube views,