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Man Uses Hot Blonde to Create the Best Pool Trick Shot Video Ever

here is nothing this man can't do with two balls and a stick.

Dude Perfect’s Bowling Trick Shots Are Freakin’ Sick

Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

Bored Bros Make an Incredible Bottle Cap Snap Trick Shot Video

I've ALWAYS sucked at snapping beer bottle caps like this, so I'm insanely jealous of this guy's raw talent.

Dude Perfect Makes a Sick Trick-Shot Video With Nothing But Nerf Balls

If you’re going to make a trick shot video, why not go for broke use nothing but Nerf balls to […]

James Fraschilla Is the Best Trick Shot Artist in America

Oklahoma's James Fraschilla has made a trick shot video each year of his college career. The shots have steadily increased in difficulty; the cameos have

This Is Hands Down the Best Golf Trick Shot You’ll Ever See

No hyperbole, I promise you this is the craziest golf trick shot you'll ever see. PROMISE it, no bullshit. At the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championships

The Best Vine Trick Shots of 2013

Downright excellent compilation here from Brodie Smith. How in the world did I miss him opening a beer bottle with a frisbee? That's one of

Mountain Biker Martyn Ashton Drops The Most Insane Trick Shot Video Of All Time

Holy. Crap. Mountain biker Martyn Ashton just dropped one of the most batshit trick shot videos ever made. In fact, it's safe to say this changes the

Dude Perfect Made a Trick Shot Video with Ryan Tannehill In a Dick’s Sporting Goods

Is there anything better than getting paid to do what you love? Props to OG trick shot video YouTuber Dude Perfect for making a bunch of

New Zealand Bros Make the Sickest Beer Pong Trick Shot Video of All Time

Here at BroBible, we've posted quite a beer pong trick shot videos over the years. This one, however, from a bunch of swagged out Bros in Wellington, New

University of Arkansas Fraternity Wins the Internet with Sick Bounce Trick Shot

Instead of studying, the Phi Delt house at the University of Arkansas thought it'd be fun to make a trick shot video. One Bro nails a

Bro Makes the Sickest Soccer Skills Trick-Shot Video You’ll Watch Today

Well, freestyle footballer Andrew Henderson just won the Internet today...

Brodie Smith Has a New Frisbee Trick Shot Video, This Time on a Soccer Pitch

Frisbee trick shot autuer, Brodie Smith, recently headed to the Chicago Fire's practice field for some epic trick shots. Things got weird, man, because that's

Dude Perfect’s Latest Trick Shot Video Masterpiece Includes Stunt Driving

Has Dude Perfect started getting a seven-figure budget to shoot his YouTube trick shot videos yet? I mean, come on: Stunt driving?! What's next, teaming

USC Commit Zach Smith Makes Epic Long Snapping Trick Shots Video

Zach Smith, senior at Atherton, California's Menlo School and the #2 long snapper in the country, has so much swag it's not even funny. Oh

Brodie Smith Has an Epic Trick Shot Battle with 3OH!3 and…. Jeff Goldblum?

This video has a frustratingly slow start, but my mind was blown when Jeff Goldblum made an appearence. Props to Brodie Smith for some serious star-power

Finnish Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen Releases Another Awesome Trick Shot Video

Back in February 2011, the UNC Asheville goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen dropped a trick shot video that blew up the Internet. Since then, he's periodically capitized on his

Brodie Smith Has a Dope New Frisbee Trick Shot Video from China

It feels like forever since Brodie's Smith's last trick shot video, but he's finally back. His latest creation of ridiculousness is from China, where he nails

Is This One of the Most Badass Trick Shot Videos Ever?

Remember the Flyboard, the water jet pack from a few weeks ago? Some genius made a trick shot video of it. This has to be

Is This Dude Perfect’s Most Insane Trick Shot Video Ever?

What happens when Dude Perfect partners up with our favorite YouTube auteur, Devin Graham? Sparks fly and viral video magic happens. Dude Perfect was given

This Racquetball Trick Shot Video Is Pretty Sick

You know why it's so sick? Because no one's ever done a Racquetball trick shot video before. Ben Croft and Racquetball Warehouse are pioneers. Hopefully he puts

One of the First Guys to Start the Trick-Shot Video Craze Has a New Goalkeeper Trick Shot Video

Does the name Lassi Hurskainen ring a bell? Probably not, unless you spend way, way too much time on the Internet. Back in February 2011, the UNC

Norwegian Bro Has the Best Football Kicking Trick Shot Video We’ve Seen In a Long Time

We love America around here, but what would you say if I told you the best football kicking trick shot video in a long, long

Trick Shot Winner #1: This Frisbee Trick Video Is Excellent

Last Friday we launched a trick shot challenge with 3OH!3, who just dropped a dope trick shot video for their latest single "You're Gonna Love This."

The Epic Beer-Opening Trick-Shot Video the World’s Been Waiting For

Yeah, trick-shot videos were so 2011, but these dudes in Wisconsin are still riding the wave. In a viral stunt for Will Ferrell's favorite beer

Long Snapper Nick DiChiara Drops the Sickest Trick Shot Video We’ve Seen In a Long Time

It's been a long time since we've watched a trick shot video that's managed to keep our attention. Fortunately, Boston high school senior Nick DiChiara

Rate This Frisbee vs Basketball Trick Shot Video

It's been sorta a while since we've shown one of these, but someone Tweeted it to us and we thought it'd be kind

Finally, the Vinyl Record Frisbee Trick-Shot Video the World’s Been Waiting For

As old and worn out as trick-shot videos are, I have a huge amount of respect for these guys. First of all, they

Dude Perfect Sinks a Trick Shot from the Goodyear Blimp

For his 100th video, Dude Perfect rented the Goodyear Blimp to sink a trick shot, earning the number two spot on Sportscenter's Top

A Frisbee Trick-Shot Video for Those Still Easily Amused by Trick-Shot Videos

I doubt too many BroBible readers are still "wowed" by a trick-shot video, but here's a frisbee one for the taking. It's from

Watch A Cornhole Trick Shot Video That Someone Sent Us

Here's a gnarly cornhole trick shot video that someone sent to us. It's really, really long, clocking in at over 10 minutes. But

Finally, a Frisbee/Basketball Hybrid Trick Shot Video (Epic Facepalm)

Usually we're not ones to make fun of someone's trick shot video, but this whole thing is a little over-the-top. Like, what's up

Bored? Check Out Shot Squad’s Latest Trick Shot Video

How long has it been since we're featured a trick shot video? And you thought the trend was dead. Ha! "The Shot Squad"

Watch the Abe Lincoln Quarterback Trick Shot Highlight Reel

Once upon a time, we posted pretty much every trick shot video that fell on our radar. Since trick shot videos were the

Finally, a Trick-Shot Video of Sick Wiffle Ball Curves

Nothing says a carefree sunny summer afternoon like a boozy wiffle ball game in the backyard, in the park, or on the beach. Alas, in

Southwest Airlines Takes Trick Shot Videos To a Whole New Level

Someone in Southwest Airlines' marketing department decided it was time for the airline to shoot their own trick-shot video. So, they commissioned basketball trick shot

Viral Video Throwback: Russian Dude Creates Vodka Trick Shot Video

Last week I said I wasn't going to post any new trick shot videos for a long, long time. I remain steadfast on that statement:

The Last Three Trick Shot Videos We’ll Post in a Long, Long Time

Until someone drops a trick-shot video that really "wows" us, we're going to take a little break from trick shot videos for a while. But,

VIDEO: A Doctor Trick Shot Video That Makes a Mockery Out of Other Trick Shot Videos

The trick shot video craze jumped the shark, what, one month ago? Two months ago? It's tough to keep track. In the meantime, Slate TV

12-Year-Old Kid Has Epic Pong Trick Shot Video

Trick shot videos: We're over them, you're over them, yet we still always find some sort of hidden gem that impresses the heck out us.