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Mountain Biker Martyn Ashton Drops The Most Insane Trick Shot Video Of All Time

Holy. Crap. Mountain biker Martyn Ashton just dropped one of the most batshit trick shot videos ever made. In fact, it's safe to say this changes the

Brodie Smith Has a New Frisbee Trick Shot Video, This Time on a Soccer Pitch

Frisbee trick shot autuer, Brodie Smith, recently headed to the Chicago Fire's practice field for some epic trick shots. Things got weird, man, because that's

Dude Perfect’s Latest Trick Shot Video Masterpiece Includes Stunt Driving

Has Dude Perfect started getting a seven-figure budget to shoot his YouTube trick shot videos yet? I mean, come on: Stunt driving?! What's next, teaming

Trick Shot Winner #1: This Frisbee Trick Video Is Excellent

Last Friday we launched a trick shot challenge with 3OH!3, who just dropped a dope trick shot video for their latest single "You're Gonna

Video: A Catapult Gets Its Own Trick-Shot Video

Old and Busted: Redundant trick-shot videos with jocks using actual athleticism or skill. New Hotness: Nerds leveling the

VIDEO: Kyle Singler Gets Buckets from Top of Duke Chapel

Kyle Singler Trick Shot Video Duke Chapel

Last fall, Duke star forward Kyle Singler kicked off the college athlete trick-shot video craze

Southwest Airlines Takes Trick Shot Videos To a Whole New Level

Someone in Southwest Airlines' marketing department decided it was time for the airline to shoot their own trick-shot

Viral Video Throwback: Russian Dude Creates Vodka Trick Shot Video

Last week I said I wasn't going to post any new trick shot videos for a long, long

Lee University’s Larriques ‘Rico’ Cunningham Drops the Best Dunk Highlight Reel You’ll See Today

Remember Jacob Tucker, the Illinois College senior who dazzled the socks off us last week with

Illinois College Senior Jacob Tucker Drops the Best Dunk Highlight Reel You’ll See Today

Jacob Tucker just wrapped up his senior year playing D-III hoops at Illinois College. Now the 5-foot-11 guard

American University Men’s Basketball Players’ Trick-Shot Video

Although this isn't an official entry into our Ultimate Trick-Shot Video contest, we wanted to share

Duke Snyder Dies; Cam Newton at the Combine; Twitter Worth $4.5B?

Half Court Shot Pizza for a Year

Here are this morning's top news headlines...

  • Middle East: As regimes have fallen in the Middle East

BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video Challenge Entry #3: Brunswick Bros

Trick-Shot Video Basketball Golf

BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video ChallengeWhile

BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video Challenge Entry #1: ‘These Guys Hit Shots’

Trick Shot Video These Guys Hit Shots

BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video Challenge

Appalachian State Men’s Golf Team Has a Trick-Shot Video

Yesterday's announcement of our first-ever trick-shot video challenge got me thinking about one of Nike's first