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Oklahoma Kicker Michael Hunnicutt Memorized His Playbook in Record Time

Tough to keep it all straight.

Trick Kick Return Leads to Michigan State Championship

Marine City (Mich.) used this clever kickoff play to defeat Grand Rapids South Christian and win the state championship. Classic misdirection.

High School Football Team Ups 2-Point Play Ante With No-Look Prayer

Why convert a two-point conversion in a normal way when you can concoct an imaginative play which both shocks and embarrasses the other team?

High School Football Team Has a Trick Play Named After a Miley Cyrus Song and It’s Awesome

Bros: We're now naming trick plays after Miley Cyrus songs. This play is called "The Wrecking Ball" and it's basically a fake field goal attempt that

Extremely Complicated Two-Point Conversion Features Dude Howling Like a Monkey

There is trickeration and there is TRICKERATION. This is the latter.

Incredible High School Football Play Secretly Trying to Teach Everyone About Physics

Trailing 31-29 in the game’s waning moments, Ludlowe (Conn.) dialed up the old off-the-receiver’s-hands-off-the-other-receiver’s-hands-off-the-defender play. Lo and behold, it worked exactly as they drew it

The Cleveland Browns Fooled Everyone With a Fake Field Goal

When the Cleveland Browns announced plans to start Brian Hoyer at quarterback in Minnesota, many people completely wrote them off. But this is the NFL,

Amazing Fresno State Play Combines Trickery and Fat Guy Touchdown

Being an offensive lineman means never getting your due. It seems the only time people hear your name is after you make a mistake. Fresno

Villanova Executed a Perfect Fake Punt for a Touchdown

This wasn’t the best play of college football’s opening week but it was definitely the sneakiest.

Bounce-Pass Trick Plays Are the New Hotness in High School Football

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, but it’s still astounding. It seems like a tremendous risk. Can’t argue with the results, though.

Canadian Football Team Returns Punt for a Touchdown By Punting It Back

Apparently this is legal in Canadian football. Sorry, but it just looks kind of stupid and very un-football-like.

High School Football Team Scores Off Awesome Bounce-Pass Trick Play

This is taking trickery to the next level. Actually, it seems needlessly risky. But, hey, it worked.

Classic Trick Play Leaves One High School Baseball Team Looking Like A Bunch of Idiots

Football players are often heralded for having a “High Football IQ”, but why isn’t there such a thing as a high baseball IQ? Yeah, there is not