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The Hottest Male Summer Fashion Trend Is the Chest Hair Bikini

A a man, chest hair is nothing to be ashamed of.

People Are Now Posting #AfterSex Selfies to Instagram and Since We’re All Consenting Adults, Why the Fuck Not?

Are you ready for a new thing?

So We’re Just All Okay with Being Shirtless in the City Now?

The New York Times unleashed a truth bomb on an unsuspecting country today: Bros are walking around New York City shirtless. At an alarming rate.

Two Great Employees Prank a Former WVU Basketball Player, #Posterize Him in the Office

Great work by these two sly dudes. Wellington Smith was a forward at West Virginia a few years back. And while he could likely embarrass

5 Growing and Somewhat Unfortunate Trends That Defined the 2012-2013 Collegiate Year

Time occured. And you, the college Brohemoth, took that time and did a bunch of things that would sound more impressive if you deemed them

15 Incredibly Stupid Trends We’d Like to See Go Viral

Viral internet trends, like people in Snickers commercials, aren’t going anywhere for a while. Figuring out why half this stupid shit gains international attention is

A Girl Is Really Famous for Eating a Used Tampon, and You’re Getting Old

There’s a kid from West Seneca, N.Y. named Giovanna Plowman who, earlier this month, ate a used tampon, recorded the action, and uploaded the video

Introducing ‘Tebowing,’ the Latest Moronic Fad to Hit the Internet

It looks as if the 99% have found another way to "occupy" their time. I suppose this is appropriate since we've been without an idiotic