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Someone Edited Every Robot-On-Robot Action Sequence From The ‘Transformers’ Trilogy Into 20 Minutes Of Robot Carnage

Not like you're missing out on any plot.

Why Do We Like Michael Bay Movies?


We May Get a G.I. Joe/Transformers Mash-Up Movie Because Jingoism America Smaaashhh

Shut up and take my money.

Rob Gronkowski Has Some Typo-Laden Hot Takes About ‘Transformers 4′

He likes cars.

In Under Armour’s Newest Ad, Bryce Harper Is… A Transformer?

Harptimus Prime.

The ‘Transformers 2′ Honest Trailer Is Here to Piss In Michael Bay’s Cocaine Stash

Who am I kidding? No one has that much piss.

Shia LeBeouf Has Hit Men Says Shia LeBeouf

It appears that if you cross Shia LeBeouf, he can have you killed. 

Ohio Bro Just Won Halloween With His Life-Size Transformers Decorations

Ohio man, Pete Marin, is the owner of his neighborhood's best Halloween decorations, but they come at a serious cost. Time. They took years worth of time

The 5 Worst Video Game Versions of Movies

5. Transformers: The Game