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Here’s Video of the Chicago Subway Train Derailment at O’Hare


Train Asplode Fireball Boom

No one was injured in this trian explosion in North Dakota yesterday, which means we can marvel at this massive fireball, guilt-free. 

Suicidal Woman Jumps in Front of Train, Survives

A woman from India jumped in front of a train at the last possible second and somehow survived. 

Cameras Capture High-Speed Train Derailing in Spain

The worst train crash in Spanish history occurred yesterday, killing 78 people and injuring hundreds more. The high-speed train may have been traveling twice the

Don’t Want to Pay for Your Train Ticket? This Bro Has a Clever, Very Elaborate Solution

Riddle me this, though. How many train rides does it take to make investing in that suitcase worth it?

Woman Steals Train, Immediately Slams It Into Three-Story Building

A woman in Sweden yesterday stole a commuter train from a station near Stockholm, drove it for three minutes, and then crashed it into a

Drunkard Falls Onto Subway Tracks, Sole Witness Robs Him Then Leaves Him There to Die

Admittedly, this is a tough video to watch. Provided that you don't have a death-by-train fetish. The basic backstory goes that a drunk man stumbling

This Guy Likes Trains More Than You Like Beer and/or Boobs

It's amazing how many sounds that sound suspiciously like an orgasm this guy makes while describing a train rolling by. "I've got chills—AND IT'S NOT

Drunken Man Unharmed After He’s Run Over by 26 Rail Cars

It’s not unusual to feel like you’ve been hit by a train after a night of heavy drinking. One Alberta man actually did get hit

Watch This Insane Indian Guy Jump in Front of a Train

India must be extremely boring because all the videos that I see are of their fine citizens doing crazy things involving trains. Relax