black mass

An Unrecognizable Johnny Depp Plays Boston Crime Lord Whitey Bulger In This ‘Black Mass’ Trailer


Whitey Bulger is undoubtedly the most infamous violent criminal in South Boston history.

jurassic world

The ‘Jurassic World’ Official Global Trailer Is HERE And It Will Make Your Palms Sweat


Twenty two years after the release of Jurassic Park (1993), the long awaited installment of Stephen Spielberg's groundbreaking science fiction adventure series makes a return in Jurassic World.

joe dirt 2

Watch The First Trailer For ‘JOE DIRT 2′ To Get As Hyped As We Are


Happy Madison Productions have just released the first teaser trailer for 'Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser' set to be released this summer.

eli roth

CHALLENGE: Try Watching Eli Roth’s Horror Movie ‘Clown’ Trailer Without Peeing Down Your Leg

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From the director who brought you horror movie Hostel and caused me to sleep with a swiss army knife under my pillow for two weeks, Eli Roth seems to have kicked it up a notch.


New ‘Haunted House 2′ trailer features Jamie Pressly in lingerie


An all new 'Haunted House 2 trailer' features Jamie Pressly in lingerie, and it's glorious.

Winona Ryder

‘Homefront’ red band trailer lets James Franco get methy


Do you think James Franco did meth in real life to prepare for the role.

Viola Davis

First ‘Ender’s Game’ clip looks good


Welcome to space, kid, it's time for you to kill a bunch of aliens.

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