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5 Ridiculous Ways People Got Out of Traffic Tickets

When we're pulled over and given a ticket, we dream of fighting The Man and all the injustices he throws our way. We rarely do

Chicago Hit-and-Run Situation Gets Out of Hand Rather Quickly

There was a bit of trouble up in Chicago’s Lake View area last week after a dude smacked into a cab and didn’t feel like

NJ Transit Bus Driver Caught Casually Jerking Off While Going Through the Lincoln Tunnel

You know how much it sucks waiting in traffic to get into the Lincoln Tunnel? It sucks. Every day that toll line raises the Tri-State's

Here’s a Russian Guy Riding a Shopping Cart Down a Highway

At what point do we get a Best of Russian Dashcam channel on cable? It can’t be far off.

The 5 Worst People on the Road

It seems like summer and traffic go hand-in-hand. Everyone is back from college, newly licensed teenagers are out of school during the day, families take

Russian Motorist Breaks Out His Bat to Destroy Everything in His Way

I've to hand it to the Russians, they make a hell of a dressing and they sure as sh*t know how to throw a road

Watch a Driver Set a World Record for Racing Around Manhattan in 26:03

Back in 2001, a guerilla street racer named Alex Roy set a world record for completing a 24.48 mile lap around the perimeter of Manhattan