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Tracy Morgan Makes First Public Appearance Since Deadly Crash

Looking fragile, but otherwise in good spirits.

Chilling Video of Tracy Morgan’s Car Accident Scene Has Been Released

Earlier today we shared the Media Take Out report with you that Tracy Morgan may have to have his leg amputated after being critically injured

Tracy Morgan May Have His Leg Amputated, If We Are to Believe New Report (UPDATED)

Tracy Morgan is recovering, but an inside source says he might lose his leg.

Tracy Morgan’s Rep Just Gave a Positive Update on Morgan’s Condition

The actor/comedian has been hospitalized since Saturday.

Jimmy Fallon and a Brilliantly Funny Tracy Morgan Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ Last Night

Before you watch this sketch—which features Jimmy Fallon reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" while Tracy Morgan free-associates on "Sugar Plum Pimps" and drinking wine

Tracy Morgan Gave a Predictably Insane Interview to David Letterman Last Night

At some point over his time on "30 Rock," Tracy Morgan, the actor, morphed into Tracy Jordan, the character. This is a fact. 

A Trailer For ‘Why Stop Now,’ A Drug-Dealing Comedy Starring Jesse Eisenberg

A little ways back, we posted the trailer for the Adrien Brody-led "High School." "Why Stop Now" is of a similar indie strain, a seemingly

Tracy Morgan Joins the New York Rangers, Hilarity Ensues

Tracy Morgan turned in a masterful comedic performance in his short that aired during the 2012 NHL Awards last night. In it, he joins the

Tracy Morgan Calls Barack Obama a ‘Gangbanger,’ Does Other Crazy Sh*t on ‘Conan’

Tracy Morgan is certifiably crazy, so he’s the perfect person to weigh in on the 2012 presidential campaign. Conan O’Brien was savvy enough to get

Video: Tracy Morgan Confesses That He Might Touch Himself to Sarah Palin

On TNT's pre-game show before tonight's Heat/Knicks game, Tracy Morgan was asked by Charles Barkley what he thought of Sarah Palin. Morgan was frank in