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10 Best Track and Field Fails of All Time

More like... wait for it... Track and Fail

ZOMG: A New Video of Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Dancing

Allow me to do a slow Daniel Bryan YES! Chant: YES! YES! YES! YES! The good dudes over at Cosby Sweaters landed a huge upcoming

Move Over Usain Bolt, ‘The Fastest Man on Four Limbs’ Is the New Speed King in Town

What a...human? 

Watch a Pole Vaulter Snap His Pole In Slow-Mo

Russian pole vaulter Dmitry Starodubtsev was trying to jump 5.75 meters this weekend at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. Things

Watch a Sprinter Fight Between French Runners Mehdi Baala and Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad

There's always altercations between football players battling each other or basketball players getting into it with each other, but you never hear of a donnybrook

This Epic Hurdle Fail is Painful to Watch

Watching a person take an unfortunate tumble before the finish line is never an easy thing to stomach. We're really hoping this competitor in the