Toy Story

The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer Recut With Scenes From ‘Toy Story’ Will Ruin Your Childhood Forever


Children’s movies and adult films pretending to not be porn but that are DEFINITELY still porn do not mix well together.

toy story

You’ll Never Look At ‘Toy Story’ The Same Way After Watching This Horrifying Mashup Trailer


  Everyone loves the Toy Story movies, but what if they weren’t geared towards children and they were animated horror films.


‘Disney Wars’ is a thing that is real


Well, not really real, but YouTube real.

Wayne's World

10 of the greatest movie sidekicks of all-time

By | 10 Comments

When it comes to movies, not all the good guys get all the glory.


10 of the best CGI characters of all-time

By | 2 Comments

JarJar Binks may have left an indelible bad taste in the mouths of many when it comes to the topic of CGI characters in movies.

Toy Story

6 Disney villains that should be considered heroes

By | 10 Comments

Let me be the first to admit to crying at the end of Disney movies.

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