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Toy Story 5 Teaser Has Arrived and Has Some Super Weird Stunt Casting

Love the casting decisions over at Pixar right now.

You’ll Never Look At Buzz Lightyear The Same After You See This Drawing

I actually had tears from laughing.

Bros Hit Panama City on Spring Break Asking People ‘Do You Want to Touch My Woody?’ Nostalgia Ensues

I guess this is one way to spend an afternoon while you're on Spring Break. 

Check Out This Shot-for-Shot ‘Toy Story’ Remake Using Real Toys

Completing this took dedication. Like, insane dedication.

Check Out the Cast of ‘Toy Story’ as The Expendables

Woody. Hamm. Jessie. Rex. Stinky Pete. Sarge. Zurg. Slinky Dog. Lotso. Potato Head. And, of course, Buzz in Arnold Schwarzenegger's role.