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This Tour de France Biker’s Legs Kinda Look Like Giant Penises

Tour de France biker Bartosz Huzarski posted an intriguing and/or unbelievable and/or disgusting photo of his veiny legs.

Millennials Are Ruining the Tour de France Because They Won’t Stop Taking Selfies

Danger brewing.

Italian Cyclist Vicenzo Nibali Was Denied a Kiss in Brutal Fashion

Gretzky is denied. Choked on the open net.

BAD DOG Almost Causes Massive Crash During Tour de France

This is why you don’t bring your dog to watch the Tour de France. Old Fido here almost became roadkill after it ran out in

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Comments on Lance Armstrong’s Doping Scandal

I was going to post his analysis of the final presidential debate, but this was too damn funny to ignore. Plus, no one cares about

This is What Johnny Hoogerland’s Injuries Looked Like After That Bad Crash at the Tour de France

Johnny Hoogerland is the Tour de France cyclist who went soaring into a barb wire pasture fence after Juan Antonio Flecha got swiped by a

Watch a TV Car Ruin Juan Antonio Flecha’s Day in the Tour De France

Details here, video after the click. How is this not intentional?