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Little Pop Warner Bro Makes Sick Touchdown Grab

This is one hell of a play by a little dude. Let’s hope it’s not the highlight of his life or it will just be

The Most Incredible High School Touchdown You’ll See All Year Makes Me FURIOUS

I don't want to take away from running back Randolph Zleh's incredible 64-yard catch-and-run, screen pass touchdown when Mount Pleasant played against East Greenwich High, but WHAT THE FUCK? Either

Cleveland Browns Perform Flawless Flea Flicker

I haven't seen a flea flicker in ages. 

Detroit Lions TE Joseph Fauria Continues Stellar Touchdown Dance Tradition

Detroit Lions rookie tight end Joseph Fauria is making quite a name for himself. He’s the guy who busted out that memorable N’Sync touchdown dance

Knowshon Moreno’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Touchdown Celebration Was Great

If you're going to celebrate a touchdown, why not play a solo game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with yourself?  Badass. Gif via @JTrey:

High School Football Defenses Still Unable to Defend No-Look Passes

They love their high school football in Ohio. Especially when it provides moments like this one.

You Won’t Believe This Behind-the-Back Touchdown Pass in Purdue Intramural Game

Anyone who participates in intramural sports knows that there is nothing – NOTHING – more important. Hell, I remember not studying for exams just to

8-Year-Old Phenom Breaks About 37 Tackles on His Way to the End Zone

Further proof that the Raiders suck... At one point, 4 kids on the opposing team have him in their grasp. A lesser 8-year-old would have

Andrew Luck’s First Professional Pass Attempt Resulted in a 63-Yard Touchdown

Andrew Luck got off to a good start with the Colts last night; on his very first pass of the preseason he threw a long

Jerome Simpson Scores the Most Ridiculous Touchdown Flip Into the Endzone Ever

Jerome Simpson of the Cincinnati Bengals with the craziest touchdown of the year... Not to give it all away, but... HE LANDS ON