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60% Off Sick Clothes Rowdy Gentleman Clothes

Our Bros at Rowdy Gentlemen are throwing their annual Winter Clearance sale. Time to stock up on those threads, frat stars... 

Tanks and Tees Every Frat Star Needs Now Only $19

Our Bros at Rowdy Gentlemen have some dope threads for Bros that they're selling for only $19.00. Happy New Year! 

The Dopest $19 American Flag Tank Money Can Buy

Only $19?!?!?! Admit it: You and every Bro you know is going to be rocking this tank come April. Comes with a free Christmas Koozie,

These Rowdy Gentleman Long Sleeve Tees Are Perfect For Fall

Cold weather is coming. 

Today in Terrible News for MIT Greek Life

We thought this was supposed to be a good school. 

Frat Bro with Miley Haircut Does Epic Jay-Z Cover

This Bro has pipes... 

The One Shirt Every ‘Breaking Bad’ Bro Needs

Heisenberg is such a frat daddy. 

Why Butts are Greater Than Breasts: A Tribute to the Ass-Man

This is a battle between two heavyweights. This is Coke versus Pepsi, and leg men are RC Cola  

Win The Ultimate Frat Gear Shopping Spree

Our dudes at Rowdy Gentlemen are giving away a $300 shopping spree to one lucky Bro. All you have to do to enter is insert your

Theta Chi At UF Opens New $4.3 Million House

Holy Frat Castle, you guys... 

The Differences Between College Partying Vs. Postgrad Partying

I attended a birthday party for my buddy over the weekend. You know, it was a pretty good time, too. We drank beers, ate some

How Frat Stars Raged Throughout the Decades

Thanks to Animal House, the lewdness had a solid blueprint to further build upon.  

This Week’s Very Best Frat FAILS, Shirtless Frat Bros Edition

Sweet composite pics, Bros... 

6 Overrated Things Chicks Wear

A follow up to this post, 6 Most Underrated Sexy Things That Chicks Wear. #1 on this list: Black Yoga Pants. READ WHY!

The Frattiest Back to School Sale on the Planet

Back to school, better look fresh...

Top 10 Sexiest Things a Frat Guy Can Do, By a Sorority Girl

Want to hook-up with hot sorority slampieces this semester? Do these things, guys... 

Watch TCU Sorority Girls Wipe Out On Bid Day

Ouch. That's going to hurt. 

Someone Wrote An Honest Article About Fraternities

I came across the article, titled “Embracing the Greek life. Or not.” and immediately knew that it was going to be a good one. Just

Top 10 College Towns Ranked By Livability

Of course Boulder makes the list. Boulder ALWAYS make the list... 

3 Fraternity Parties You Need to Experience

Fraternity men are known for several things, including, but not limited to, pulling the hottest girls on campus, having an alcohol tolerance that scares their

30 Ways To Impress Me At Rush

1. Show up to rush with boxers that are longer than your khaki shorts. We love power moves.

Another Email Exchange Between A Broken Pledge And His Concerned Mother

Moms worry. It’s what they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing sports, driving on long road trips or dating that new chick she’s still

The 5 Types of Crazy Chicks You’ll Meet in College

The five types of crazy chicks you’ll meet in college, and how to handle them:

30 Terrible Trends Of The Early 2000′s

Frosted tips were just the worst.

Why Electronic Dance Music Sucks Donkey Ass

If I have to hear "Levels" or some whubby womp womp womp shit through an LFO one more time...  

Meet The Most Liberal Hating Man In America

Mark Kessler is the Police Chief of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, a tiny town of under 1,000 people, and he’s the most liberal-hating man you’ll likely ever

How To Handle Two Slams In One Place

Slam A has a bit of a busted face but no self-respect whatsoever, as in you can literally pee in her butt and then she’ll

Facebook Now vs. Facebook In College

Everything has changed since college. Gone are the days of skipping class on a whim to hit the pool with morally loose babes. You have

Breaking Down Terrible Rush T-Shirt Designs

Rush shirts and logos cover the spectrum from good all the way to cringe inducing. Today, I’m going to highlight some of the worst. These

This Week’s Very Best Frat FAILS, Sweet Cargo Shorts Edition

I just have a question, Bros. When was the last time you remember wearing cargo shorts, if ever? Or do you still wear them? Answer

Why Inspirational Speeches Before Epic Battle Scenes In Movies Are Bullshit

“Oh hell yes! They brought a midget! Look! It’s riding a horse and has its face painted like a clown! SCOTLAND! FUCK YEAH!”  

17 Reactions People Have Listening to Jay-Z’s New Album at Work

Jay-Z’s new album, titled Magna Carta Holy Grail, dropped yesterday. Here’s a track-by-track breakdown written by a cubicle warrior as he listened, with details on

The Costanza: The Under Your Desk Nap Everyone Should Take

I have Costanza’d many times. All my instances of Costanza’ing happened at the same job — a marketing gig for a big time bankruptcy law

Sticking It In Her Butt Without Backlash: A Three-Point Guide

I consider myself to be fairly self-aware, so occasionally I’ll get bored and Google my name and read all the nasty things people have to

The Founding Fathers: America’s Original Badasses

As you all know, this weekend we will be celebrating Independence Day. All across the country, and even in other places around the world, Americans

43 Pics of Fratstars Celebrating Independence Day, Freedom, and ‘MERICA

4th of July... Frat as f*ck... 

8 Simple Rules To Text Messaging

America, with your birthday coming up, it’s time we had a heart-to-heart. I feel like we haven’t talked in a while, probably because we’ve both

Today In GREAT News About Snapchat

Well this is just the best thing we've ever heard RE: Snapchat... Goodbye, screenshot notifications... 

Who Is the Hot, Big-Chested Blonde Chick at the College World Series?

The Bro universe has been dying to know.

How To Keep It Chillin’ With Primo Babes When You’re Crashin’ A Celebraish

In a truly bold flavored move, our Bros at Total Frat Move landed a column by Internet sensation @Dadboner. It's a must-read for any fan.