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Justin Bieber to Rob Ford: ‘Did You Bring Any Crack to Smoke?’

Justin with the zinger.

Rob Ford Held an Owl, Made an Awesome Face

Tender moment.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Arrival at City Hall Today Got Real Weird

All in a day's work.

Rob Ford Gave a 23-Minute Radio Interview Today and It Was Good Freakin’ Radio

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford joined Washington D.C. radio show The Sports Junkies this morning for a 23-minute interview. You see, things are going swimmingly

A Brutally Honest Rob Ford Admits He’s Bought Illegal Drugs in the Past Two Years

You'd think a mayor would get the hook up, no?

The New Rob Ford Tape is Pretty Heavy on Murder Threats

Rob Ford, ladies and gentleman. Rob Ford.

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford Allegedly Smoked Crack on Video, Has a Long History of Lunacy

"Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it." — Rob Ford.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Walks Face-First Into TV Camera, Drops F-Bomb

"HOLY FACE!" Is that what that guy yelled when Toronto Mayor, and human bowling ball, Rob Ford walked face first into that camera? Me thinks

Here’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford With an Epic Football Fail

This is Toronto mayor Rob Ford falling on his ass while attempting to throw a pass yesterday. He was out doing some public relations for