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Toronto Maple Leaf Delivers Devastating Hit on Toronto Maple Leaf

Friendly fire.

Nashville Predators Made an American Pride Video After Beating the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Nashville Predators beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in a regular-season hockey game before the All-Star break so it’s only natural that they made a

Jonathan Bernier Allows Incredibly Embarrassing Goal

Professional goaltenders are fallible, just like the rest of us. They seem hell-bent on proving that fact this year. First there was Jonathan Quick’s boner.

Goalies and All, the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs Brawled Last Night

Well, shit. Don't tell these guys it's the preseason.

Guess Which NHL Goalie Has a Care Bear and My Little Pony Cartoon on His Mask?

If you guessed Drew MacIntyre of the Toronto Maple Leafs you'd have guessed correctly. Come down to the BroBible office to collect your prize, which is

Boston Bruins Fans Celebrate Big Win By Acting Like Walkers from ‘The Walking Dead’

The Boston Bruins scored two goals in the final minute-plus of regulation and found the net in overtime to secure an improbable series win over

An Important Update on the Toronto Maple Leafs WAG Fight Featuring Elisha Cuthbert

Boston’s David Krejci scored an overtime goal to give the Bruins a 3-1 series lead over the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leaf WAGs did not

Maple Leafs Fan’s ‘Toronto Stronger’  Sign Pisses Off Boston, Everyone Else

The Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the franchise’s first home playoff game in nine years last night. They lost to the Boston Bruins. On the bright

Mall Santa Tells 3-Year-Old The Toronto Maple Leafs Suck, Is Promptly Fired

You can be a real-life Bad Santa, but there will probably be repercussions.

‘Leafs Joffrey Lupul Shatter’s Goal Cam with One-Timer

Tonight, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul managed to shatter the goal cam with a nice one-time goal, leaving the lens in pieces.