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Man Captures Insane Footage of an EF4 Tornado Seconds Before It Destroys His House

The first words of the man shooting this video are "holy shit" and HOLY SHIT is right. This is actual before and after footage of a tornado baring

Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Disaster Relief Efforts

Kevin Durant just donated $1 million to the Oklahoma disaster relief fund. The Red Cross announced the more-than-generous effort via Twitter.

Attention: Fire Tornadoes Are Coming to Kill Us All

It's sophomore year of college. I'm discussing with a few buddies the pros and cons of where to go abroad for the next semester. As

Watch a Circus Elephant Lend a Hand at Cleaning Up the Aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri Tornado

The residents of Joplin Missouri continue to clean up from the devastating tornado that's claimed over a hundreds lives and 8,000 homes. A traveling circus