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Today in HOLY SH*T: Video of Storm Chaser Riding Out Tornado for Two Minutes

Sean Casey is a storm chaser. He wrote this after being trapped in a wedge tornado for two minutes: "Just hit by a very strong

Here’s Chilling Footage of a Massive Tornado Touching Down in Georgia

Our Southern friends were hit with a huge storm system passing over them today, and in Georgia at least, it brought with it a terrifying

Mike Napoli Taped a Tornado For You

A series of tornadoes were spotted in the Dallas area an hour or so ago, including one that damaged buildings on the ground. Texas Rangers

Watch a Circus Elephant Lend a Hand at Cleaning Up the Aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri Tornado

The residents of Joplin Missouri continue to clean up from the devastating tornado that's claimed over a hundreds lives and 8,000 homes. A traveling circus

Terrifying Footage of a Mile-Wide Tornado Ripping Through Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama

Thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in the South affected by a catastrophic string of tornadoes that have flattened many communities in the