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Who Is The Better Pilot In ‘Top Gun’ — Maverick Or Iceman?

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A couple minutes ago, for no good reason, the BroBible editorial staff had an intense internal discussion over the movie Top Gun, as Bros do.

top gun

One Woman’s Analysis Of Maverick In ‘Top Gun’ Will Make You Shout ‘Wrong! YOU’RE WRONG’


Maybe Maverick isn't the manly man's man you thought he was in 'Top Gun.

Top Gun

The Honest Trailer of ‘Top Gun’ Says Everything We’ve All Been Thinking


The sexual tension between Maverick and Ice Man is palpable.


These are whole movies shoved into one seizure-inducing GIF


For some reason, a growing GIF trend is turning entire movies (ENTIRE ENTIRE) into a GIF.

Top Gun

F-22 Raptor Pulls Badass ‘Top Gun’ Move on Iranian Fighter Jet, Because ‘Merica


Fighter pilots are the rock stars of the military, in that they are as flashy as they are skilled, and this most recent display of dominance reaffirms that in my mind.

Top Gun

Get in the Cockpit of a Jet Fighter with this Awesome Video


How many times did you watch "Top Gun" and imagine you were in the cockpit of a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art flying fighting machine.

Wayne's World

10 of the greatest movie sidekicks of all-time

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When it comes to movies, not all the good guys get all the glory.

Top Gun

The Top Gun Twins Are Future Bros In the Making


Need proof that being a Brotastic is an inherited trait.


7 total chick flicks disguised as guy movies

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Most of the time, guys can tell the difference between films geared toward them and films that are geared toward women.

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