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10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cougar

Ever consider going cougar hunting? You should, it's a good time. Our gal across the pond, Emily Hartridge, lists 10 reasons you should give it

The 6 Characters You Encounter At The Gym

Thanks to recent articles showing us how to get ripped for Spring Break and the launch of the hysterical Bro Science YouTube page from our

10 Things I Won’t Miss About the Old BCS

If you blinked last night, you probably missed it. No, I’m not talking about a meteor shower or a halftime-show nipple slip -- I’m talking

Top 10 Times In History When the F-Word Was Appropriate, Plus Today’s Fix (21 Pics)

Fill in #11 in the comments. 

The 10 Most Disgusting Things About College

College is just getting into session and these four years will be some of your best, if you let them be. But our time in

Top 10 Most Intriguing NFL Training Camp Battles

I love the “My Wish” series and seeing Team USA dominate everyone in its path, but Summer SportsCenter is some of the worst TV ever.

10 Reasons Why He Dumped You

As promised, yet another video in Emily Hartridge's "10 Reasons Why." As a follow up to last week's video, this week our favorite British YouTube personality

10 Reasons Why She Dumped You

Another video in Emily Hartridge's "10 Reasons Why." This week our favorite British YouTube personality tells us why she dumped your ass. 

17 Hot French Models You Need to Know About

Sacrebleu! Tomorrow is Bastille Day, the French national holiday celebrating the beginning of the French Revolution. To celebrate the land of foie gras, Michel Foucault, and

The 40 Greatest Movies About the Summer

Surfing, sleep-away camp, sailing, fishing, baseball, golf, summer school, sharks, roadtrips, invading aliens: These are the things that summer is made for. At least in

The Top 10 Most Annoying Girl Facebook Status Updates (And What It Says About Them)

Facebook status updates are abused by everyone.  Yes, even Bros.  But this list is designed to seek out the most destructive serial Facebook status chicks

The 10 Types of Booty Calls

It's that time of the night. The bars are closing and the only thing on your mind is a Booty Call. Here's our guide to

10 Solid Pieces of Advice for Laxtitutes

Most the things I blog about or do guest columns on are about sex and sports. It's safe to say I probably won't be wining

The 10 Girls You Meet at Every Bar

You can be at any bar in any city and you will run into these girls. Here's our guide for how to spot them and

The Six Types of People You See at Every EDM Show

Newsflash: It's almost Summer 2012 and EDM is at its peak. Festivals and live shows are attracting all sorts of characters, from ‘Molly’ heads to

The 50 Hottest Brazilian Bikini Models NOT Named Adriana, Gisele, Alessandra, Izabel, or Ana Beatriz

Ah, Brazil: That treasured South American country of white beaches, tropical rain forests, and beautiful women strutting down Copacabana Beach in skimpy swimwear. With

VIDEO: Santonio Holmes Reveals His Top 10 NFL Stadiums, and #1 Ain’t in Jersey

BroBible and Soletron recently caught up with wide receiver Santonio Holmes for an exclusive video feature on his top 10 favorite NFL stadiums. The locked-out

Our 10 Favorite Marijuana Scenes in Movies

Since it's still 4/20, and we aren't in much of a mood to work, we were just sitting around talking about what our favorite marijuana-related

10 Best Parties of SXSW

As you’ve probably realized by now, BroBible was down at SXSW, the 10-day festival that brings out hoards of musicians, celebrities, brands, media, bros, babes,

MMA Monday: The Top 10 Welterweight Fighters

Editor's Note: With Mixed Martial Arts as one of the fastest growing sports in the world (right up there with lax and action sports), we

10 Comedians Who Need to Become Funny Or Die

  The '80s and '90s spoiled us by bringing droves of hilarious stand-up comedians to the forefront. Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Bill Hicks, Dennis

10 Gruesome Broken and Bloody Noses in Recent Sports Memory

As much as we love stats about sports, we sorta doubt ESPN employs a statistician to to keep track of all the broken bones experienced

The 10 Funniest Drunk NFL Football Player Photos of 2010

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by N D, the mastermind behind the blog Shot of Ginn, the Internet's best depository for chronicling the

BroBible Nominates 20 Fictional Athletes to Their Respective Hall of Fames

I'll say it again, what the f*ck is up with my boy Sly (I shot him a tweet once, which makes us blood brothers) getting

Top 10 Cities for Bros to Move Abroad in Western Europe

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post from our friends at The Next Step Realty. Moving or traveling to Europe can be a scary move

Fraternity Glory Days, Part II: The Top Three Celebrity Frat Stars from 27 Fraternities

Editors Note: Back in late October, The PledgeMaster from Pledging Sucks debuted a list of the The Top Three Celebrities of 12 Big Fraternity Houses.

The Drunkest Movie Supercut You’ll See Today

The folks at Screen Junkies spliced together a boozy cinematic montage of drunk movie scenes. Grab a beer and/or a funnel and check out the

The 15 Hottest SFW Photos Taken by Russell James

If your idea of a dream job is sitting behind a desk in some downtown tower or suburban corporate office park, I feel bad for

10 Signs You Need to Drop Your Girlfriend

A lot of you out there at some point will decide it's cool to turn your dick over to a girl and stick to monogamy.

Fraternity Glory Days: The Top Three Celebrities of 12 Big Fraternity Houses

Editors Note: This piece is brought to us by Pledging Sucks and was written by the site's sorcerer, The PledgeMaster. Yes, he's a frat Bro; no,

Top 10 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Turn Your Dorm Room Into (Besides a Georgetown Drug Lab)

Over the weekend, three Georgetown University students were charged with manufacturing a controlled substance in their dorm room. Media reports quickly speculated that the students

The Five Best Places to Hook-Up at a Tailgate

This Saturday 50,000 people will head out to the Far Hills Race Track in New Jersey for the tailgate extravaganza known as "The Hunt."  Apparently

20 Times That ‘No’ Actually Means ‘Yes’

There has always been a negative association, and for very good reason, with the phrase "no means yes." It is most prominently, and unfortunately, linked

The Top 12 Cities for Bros to Live In After Graduation

Editor's Note: This is a sponsored post from our friends at The Next Step Realty. As real estate guys who help Bros (and the girls

11 Modern Beer Can and Bottle Innovations

Last weekend I decided to perform a little science experiment in my apartment. After sitting through countless commercials for “wide-mouths,” “vortexes,” and their like during

The 10 Best Coors Light Coach Parodies In Honor Of Mike Ditka’s Birthday

Today is the 71st birthday of hall of fame tight-end and legendary football coach, Mike Ditka. Also known, to a great many, as the only

The Top 10 Smartest Tempe12 Models

I have fond memories of the first time I picked up a Tempe12 calendar. I was about seven beers deep on a quiet week night

The 15 Best Excuses to Get Out of Bed the Morning After a One-Night Stand

Imagine this: You wake up next to some bird, you're sweating, your head is reenacting a World War II battle, and her hand is awkwardly

Huge in Japan: 20 Japanese Models with Godzilla-Like Chests

Tomorrow is International Sake Day. We'll be toasting our favorite Japanese rice liquor at midnight with a sake bomb. In the meantime, we'll start celebrating

The Top 10 Excuses to Get Out of Work or Class

In my professional and collegiate careers I have used just about every scenario -- injuries, unexpected illness, tragic death, untimely bouts of liquid shit --