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10 Hilarious Things to Buy While You’re Also Purchasing Condoms

So I’m on line at the pharmacy with a female friend the other day, cursing under my breath as she shuffles through her purse for

‘Top 10 Cities White People Like,’ Ranked By Patagonias, Marijuana Use, Sushi Restaurants, and Microbrews

Whether they realize it or not, white people are obsessed with some pretty crazy shit: Patagonias, farmers markets, sushi, “indie” […]

10 Things Every Chick is Looking For in a Bro They Want to Date

One woman’s ex is another woman’s treasure. We all have differing opinions about what makes a man, “good boyfriend material”. Some of us prefer the

Sayonara, 2012: Our 10 Biggest (Non-Girl) Posts of the Year

In a few short hours humanity will hit our yearly Reset Button. We'll all get psyched for a new year and make promises to ourselves

The 10 Worst Tattoos People Get

In case you missed it, Scarlett Johansson recently got some new ink. I’m not sure whether she was trying to say she’s the lucky one,

37 Things We Hate About Porn

Yesterday, at lunch, we somehow, someway, stumbled on the topic of things we can’t stand about porn (Internet or otherwise). The conversation escalated fast and

7 Scariest Natural Disasters Ranked By How Badass They Are

It came, it saw, it got the Northeastern United States REALLY wet. Hurricane Sandy was a storm that won’t soon be forgotten (mostly because of

10 Great Books To Read If You Currently Don’t Have Power, Or Even If You Do

Not having power sucks. It’s almost impossible for me to comprehend how people used to function without electricity. Prior to the arrival of Sandy the

10 Wonderous Things You Didn’t Know About Boobs

Boobs. What more can be said about them at this point? In the wonderful universe that is the female anatomy, boobs pretty much reign supreme.

10 Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner is like the high commander of Bros. He demonstrates this achievement and prowess by wearing a robe anywhere he goddamn wants to wear

The 10 Sexiest Post-Apocalyptic Reality Hotties

There aren't many good things about living after the apocalypse. The food isn't the best. Technology is typically hard to come by. There is one

8 Drunken Denny’s Brawls and What We Can Learn From Them (w/video)

Bros, these are dangerous times we are living in. Beer prices are constantly on the rise, the quality of ping pong tables is questionable at

10 Intriguing Facts About the Olympic Games

Did you know that gold medals are made mostly of something other than GOLD? How about the reasons why the Olympic rings are the colors

Ten People I Hate to See at a Game of Pick-Up Basketball

What do you get when you combine a rubber ball, two nets suspended from crooked-ass poles of equal length and ten enthusiastic but altogether hopelessly

Top 10 Reasons Adderall is the Best Drug Ever Invented

About 97% of all recent college graduates wouldn't have that sweet blessed college degree or that $50,000 of sweet blessed debt if it hadn't been

The 10 Most Cliché Facebook Profile Photos

Facebook has become the ultimate outlet for self-expression. What I've learned for hours of countless FB stalking and shady messaging is that people don't have

The 10 Most Overrated Stand-Up Comedians Of All-Time

Everyone has their opinion on their favorite Stand-Up Comedians.  Conversely, everyone also has an opinion on who they think sucks.  Here is a list that

The Top 10 Most Annoying Girl Facebook Status Updates (And What It Says About Them)

Facebook status updates are abused by everyone.  Yes, even Bros.  But this list is designed to seek out the most destructive serial Facebook status chicks

The 10 Types of Booty Calls

It's that time of the night. The bars are closing and the only thing on your mind is a Booty Call. Here's our guide to

CNBC Lists 25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street

CNBC just released a funny and probably very accurate list of "25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street," although some of the slots are women