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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Wore Tight Pants on the “Tonight Show,” Sang About It

Everyone is talking about their tight pants.

Louis C.K. Told a Story About the Time He Thought Jimmy Fallon Was Dead

Some dark humor.

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Dressed in Drag for Big Laughs

Can't unsee that.

Robinson Cano Confronts New York Yankees Fans Booing Picture of Robinson Cano


Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway Performed Hip Hop Classics as Broadway Songs

Like beer, Anne Hathaway is an acquired taste. Unlike beer, however, we have yet to acquire a taste for her.

Samuel L. Jackson Performed a Moving Poem About “Boy Meets World” on the “Tonight Show”


Arnold Schwarzenegger Did a Skit with Jimmy Fallon, Found a Way to Scream ‘Get to the Chopper’

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to remain awesome.

Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell Dress In Full Drag During ‘Ew’ Skit With Michelle Obama

  Four days into his stint as the new host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon is doing his best to […]

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill Use Hashtags Way Too Liberally

Jonah Hill stopped by new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon’s place to give us another reminder that hashtags are the […]

Louis C.K. Hilariously Revealed the Secret to Being in Love on ‘The Tonight Show’

It's a weird quirk, but even though Jay Leno will be widely loathed until his retirement, he gives the absolute best interviews with Louis C.K. Maybe it's because