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The Honest Trailer of ‘Top Gun’ Says Everything We’ve All Been Thinking

The sexual tension between Maverick and Ice Man is palpable.

Seth MacFarlane and Tom Cruise Had an Impersonation-Off This Weekend

I keep hearing hysterical voices.

You’re Gonna Be Real Disappointed When You Find Out What Tom Cruise Will Fight in ‘Top Gun 2′

This is so stupid.

This ‘Everything Wrong With ‘Days of Thunder” Video Doesn’t Take Into Account That NOTHING IS WRONG with ‘Days of Thunder’

You don't have to be able to handle lactose to know how good the cheese in 80s movies is -- or that line I just

Tom Cruise’s New Movie Looks Like ‘Groundhog Day’ with Explosions and Stuff

Edge of Tomorrow is based off a 2004 Japanese novel, but the coked-out studio underling almost undoubtedly pitched it as "Groundhog Day MEETS Halo!" Tom Cruise is William Cage, an inexperienced soldier

Here’s a Hot New Trailer for ‘Jack Reacher,’ Starring Cruise As a Tough Guy Homicide Investigator

Now that he's done holding Katie Holmes captive, it looks like Monsieur Cruise is ready to wow fans with his portrayal of Jack Reacher, a

Here’s the First Trailer for Tom Cruise’s Upcoming ‘Jack Reacher’

Tom Cruise has a movie coming up called “Jack Reacher.”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing

If these two crazy kids couldn’t make it work, then there’s really no hope for any of us.

‘The Dictator’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ Trailers Have Us Excited for 2012’s Movie Offerings

Must-see trailers for two must-see 2012 movies have just dropped and you're going to want to see them ASAP. First up is "The Dictator," the

The Official Trailer for ‘Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol’

Coming this December, Brad Bird of "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille" fame will drop the fourth action-packed installment in Paramount's "Mission: Impossible" franchise. The trailer, which