How Dangerous Is It ACTUALLY To Sit On A Public Toilet?


Answer: it’s not, stop being a wuss and take a seat on that porcelain throne like the king you are.


This Story About A Guy Who’s Been Pooping Wrong His Entire Life Will Confuse The Hell Out Of You


No, we're not talking about Butters from South Park, we're talking about poor Reddit user jaydogsmith, who apparently didn't know how to poop correctly until now.


Man on Bathroom Break Finds a Venomous Snake in the Toilet Bowl


This is really a story about how you should never wait to the last possible moment to take a shit.

toilets Sochi

The dueling toilets in Sochi are real and someone took a selfie


A few weeks back we told you about the side-by-side toilets in Sochi, an image many believe was fake.


Remember Those Gummy Bears That Made People Shit? A Bro Ate Five Pounds of Them


A while back JCamm featured the wild Amazon reviews of people who claimed Haribo’s Sugarless Gummy Bears were giving them "the shits.

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