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Man on Bathroom Break Finds a Venomous Snake in the Toilet Bowl

This is really a story about how you should never wait to the last possible moment to take a shit.

Two People Drown in Pit of Poo Trying to Save Cellphone

To DEATH! Drowned to death in POO!

Remember Those Gummy Bears That Made People Shit? A Bro Ate Five Pounds of Them

A while back JCamm featured the wild Amazon reviews of people who claimed Haribo’s Sugarless Gummy Bears were giving them "the shits."

The Exploding Porta Potty Prank Is as Gross (and Funny) as It Sounds

This is how you prank people. 

Physicists Suggest Men Should Sit Down to Pee

If that is, you want to stay clean. 

Vengeful Girlfriend Cut Off Her Boyfriend’s Dick and Flushed It Down the Toilet

She flushed it. SHE FLUSHED HIS DICK DOWN THE GODDAMN TOILET! Not bad enough that Huaman Julia Muñoz took Cutco's finest to her boyfriend Ramon