Bro Sneezes While Wiping His Ass And Take A Wild Guess Where This Is Heading


So this poor man, we'll call him, argmannen, because that's his Reddit username, tells the story of the time he was sitting on the pot taking a shit when as he was wiping his ass with some toilet paper he suddenly felt the urge to sneeze.

quit doing it wrong

The ‘Over Or Under’ Toilet Paper Roll Debate Has Been Settled Once And For All


Are you one of those heathens who puts the toilet paper roll on so the paper hangs from behind the roll, aka one of those "under" people.


This Bro Live-Tweeted A Dump That Made Him Run Outta Toilet Paper, Someone Saw It And Delivered Him More TP


The next time you run out of toilet paper in a public restroom, instead of awkwardly groping around underneath the stall next to you in the hopes that someone is not only in there but would be willing to hand you some spare toilet paper, just tweet about it.


If You Ever Wanted To Make A Toilet Paper Gun As A Child, This Video Is For You


Remember the old days where you only went to AM or PM kindergarten which meant you were able to goof around the house for at least half the day.


John Brown University’s Toilet Paper Game Was Last Night and It Was a Giant Mess


John Brown University continued one of the best traditions in college sports last night by throwing a metric ton of toilet paper on a basketball court.

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