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You’re Not Supposed To Tell People When You Poop? Watch This Video About What You Can’t Do If You’re Not A Toddler

I've been living my life completely wrong.

LeSean McCoy Thinks His 2-Year-Old Son is a Better Quarterback Than Tim Tebow

Future GM.

VIDEO: Ratchet Toddler Wiles out in Chuck E. Cheese, Spits in Adults’ Faces, Must Be Restrained by Two Guards

This kid. This fucking kid. He defines ratchet. You wanna talk about zero fucks given? It’s this kid. He tramples […]

Watch This Unreal 2-Year-Old Shred on His Skateboard

Kahlei Stone-Kelly is an Australian toddler who can skateboard while wearing just a diaper. Judging from this (pretty incredible) video, his career path can only follow

Life’s Too Short to be Boring, Say Parents Who Let 5-Year-Old Kid Swim With Sharks

That’s an amazing quote. They must be amazing people.