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Timofey Mozgov Did NOT Drop 93 Points for the Denver Nuggets Last Night

Not even close.

Shaquille O’Neal Falling is the Video You Need to Get Through the Work Week

TNT’s “Inside the NBA” studio show purportedly covers basketball but there is also a fair amount of time devoted to complete nonsense. Last night the

Feel Free to Watch Charles Barkley Call Skip Bayless an Idiot Over and Over

Last night’s Game 7 was Charles Barkley’s last TNT broadcast of the year, and he sure went out swinging. In the pregame, he went out

TNT’s Reggie Miller Delivers Sh*tty Speech to Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors survived 10 fourth-quarter turnovers to eliminate the Denver Nuggets early this morning in a game so thrilling I don’t even regret

Is This the Most Badass Ad Campaign of All Time?

When TNT launched in Belgium last year, it launched with a bang, airing this creative and really cool ad that invited passerbys to push a red button

10 Reasons Why TNT’s Shaq-ified ‘Inside the NBA’ Will Be the Best Sports Commentary Show of 2012

For any free agent acquisition, it’s as much about the player traded as it is the destination. That’s precisely why Shaq joining TNT’s "Inside