deez nuts

Snoop Dogg Dropping A ‘Deez Nuts’ Joke On A TMZ Reporter Is So Thoroughly Enjoyable


Sometimes I really don't know how big celebrities do it - just get hounded all day by these people from TMZ, shoving cameras in their faces during every waking moment, asking them absurd questions, and hoping to God they slip up and say something out of line so it can be labeled "BREAKING NEWS" all over Twitter.

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes Could Be Locked Up Involuntarily For A Year


Amanda Bynes' stay in a hospital or another secure facility after being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold could now be extended up to a year where she can be observed and medicated without her consent.

justin bieber

Justin Bieber Punches Paparazzi In Paris, Making Him A Douche In Yet Another Country


Justin Bieber, inexplicably dressed head-to-toe in a camouflage jacket and pants, reportedly threw a punch at a photographer at Paris Fashion Week last night.

kim kardashian attacked

Kim Kardashian Tackled In WILD Assault During Paris Fashion Week: Video


Remember that douchebag, Vitalii Sediuk, who punched Brad Pitt on the Maleficent red carpet.

amber rose

Nothing Is Real: Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa


And here we thought they were the ultimate couple.

ariana grande leaked pics

Ariana Grande Says Definitively That Those Hacked Nude Pics Were Not Her


I'm not sure that I 100% believe Ariana Grande when she says that those Fappening nude pics were not her (either because they REALLY looked like her or I just don't want to believe that they weren't), but according to this video shot with the woman herself, Ariana flat out denies that they were her as Monday at LAX she laid out a full list of reasons why the pics are definitely fake.

mike tyson

Mike Tyson Came To The Rescue Of A Motorcycle Victim, Because That’s What He Does Now


First Keanu Reeves deals with a home intruder by himself and now Mike Tyson is playing good Samaritan to motorcycle victims.

abigail ratchford

TMZ Camera Guy Trolls Uber Hot Abigail Ratchford Just So He Can Stare At Her Boobs


One of our favorite women on the planet, model Abigail Ratchford, was out and about when a TMZ camera guy came upon her and started asking her questions, completely ridiculous questions, just so he stare at her boobs in a sexy top as long as possible.


Rappers Migos Got in a CRAZY Brawl After Someone Tried to Take Their Chains


Never, ever try to take Migos's chains, or else something like this might happen.


Rihanna Is Actually Pretty Damn Good At Paddle Boarding


You guys know how much we love Bad Gal RiRi, so we think you'll be impressed by these snaps of Rihanna getting her paddle boarding on.

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