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Justin Bieber May Have Committed SEVERAL Crimes at a Dave & Buster’s Last Night

Can you Belieb it?

Here’s a 14-Year-Old Justin Bieber Singing “One Less Lonely N****r” And Joking About Joining the KKK


Here’s V. Stiviano Making Some Pretty Racist Comments of Her Own

V for Vendetta.

Whoever Leaked That Jay-Z-Solange Video Got PAID

Very, very paid.

Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Involved in Violent Kidnapping


George Lopez Arrested for Public Intoxication After Passing Out on Casino Floor

He went all in.

This Video of Ray Rice Dragging His Fiancee Out of An Elevator is Quite Something

Ray Rice’s trip to Atlantic City with his fiancee didn’t go so well, considering both of them were arrested. The […]

Johnny Manziel Goes Home with TWO Hot Chicks After Partying In Hollywood

Classic Johnny Football. TMZ caught him leaving a club with two ladies at tow. What a legend.

This Is What ‘Wild & Crazy Kids’ Host Omar Gooding Is Up to 20 Years Later….

Still wild and still crazy... And now Omar Gooding is trouble with the law! 

WTF?!?: Justin Bieber Pranked His Grandmother By Nakedly Serenading Her

Yeah, sick prank, Bro. Superb, really. God, I hate him...

Charlie Sheen Spotted Hanging Out with Topless Porn Stars Again

Charlie Sheen, back in his natural habitat... WHO ARE THEY, THOUGH?

Swaggy Bro Justin Bieber Hawked a Loogie On His Fans Off a Hotel Balcony

Biebs is getting a reputation for some very unswaggy Bro behavior as of late. Take it away, TMZ:

Justin Bieber Allegedly Spit In Some Dude from Ohio’s Face

Key word: "Allegedly." This incident happened in Columbus, Ohio, which means we can only conclude one thing: Maybe Biebs is a Michigan Man?

Farrah Abraham Was Rejected By Playboy… TWICE

The best part of TMZ's report is that sources claim posing nude for Playboy is "one of her lifelong dreams." It's good to have dreams,

Watch Kanye West FREAK OUT On a TMZ Camera Guy at LAX

Kanye West was greeted at LAX by a TMZ camera guy, causing Yeezus to go on an epic angry tirade. Dude's anger levels are just

Men’s Warehouse Fired the Men’s Warehouse Guy

Someone didn't like the way he looked, I guarentee it. 

Chad Johnson Got Kicked Out Court for Slapping His Lawyer’s Ass And Now Sentenced to 30 Days In Jail

Child please.

Kristin Cavallari: ‘Check Out My Hot Post-Pregnancy Ass’

Damnit, smoking Jay Culter. You are one lucky Bro... 

Topless Photos of Joanna Krupa? Topless Photos of Joanna Krupa…

No top? No problem.... Zero f*cks given.

‘Buckwild’ Star Shae Bradley Was Offered the Most West Virginia Thing Ever For Her Sex Tape

This is the most West Virginia thing ever next to a drunk group singing of a John Denver song. 

Guess What Hot MTV Celebrity Has a Sex Tape for Sale?

A sex tape featuring the MTV star is being shopped to various porn companies, including Vivid Entertainment. Any guesses who it is? 

Justin Bieber Allegedly Spit In His Neighbor’s Face, Says ‘I’m Gonna F**king Kill You’

Bieber, dude.... This isn't how swaggy Bros deal with their neighbors... 

Kate Upton Dances Dirty with Flo Rida

Dude... DUDE... Jake Davidson: Flo Rida is macking on your girl! That said, if she really does go to prom with you, she's going to TEAR

A.J. McCarron Is Jealous of His Girlfriend’s Sudden Fame, Says TMZ ‘Sources’

Uh-oh. Not even 48-hours after winning his second National Championship, there's trouble in paradise. 

Does Kenan Hate Kel? Kel Thinks So.

Awww, here (the friendship) goes? 

Gang-Stomping Outside Los Angeles Nightclub Is Particularly Disturbing

Allllllllllllllllllllllllright then. That happened. Footage courtesy of TMZ, which was presumably asking a C-Lister their opinion on the election.

There’s No Telling How Long TMZ Waited to Use This Jerry Sandusky Headline

Well played, TMZ. Way to wade through the nonsense and present the news in the most succinct and effective way possible.

We’ve Got a Minka Kelly Sex Tape Scandal

Gulp. Here we go.

R Kelly Is Trapped In A $4.8 Million Closet

The human wonder commonly known as R Kelly is in a little bit of a tight spot. According to TMZ, the entertainer has "forgotten" to

Brian McKnight Wrote a Theme Song for YouP*rn

I claim to not know a lot about YouP*rn. My browsing history begs to disagree. R&B crooner Brian McKnight has written a theme song for

Charlie Sheen is Live on TMZ Right Now

He's going off on Chuck Lorre, Les Moonves, and CBS; talking about his "goddesses"; and smoking a cigarette in his back yard. It's pretty unbelievable.

Raw Video: Roger Huerta KOs and Curbstomps a Coward Who Punched a Woman Outside an Austin Bar

    No matter the situation, there's nothing more despicable and chicken shit cowardly than hitting a woman. Nothing. This past Saturday some gutless sc*mbag had the