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6 Things Needed For Your Drunken Canoe Trip

Marked by relaxation, minimal hygiene, and expressing time in beers consumed rather than hours, the cottage lifestyle is a true slice of paradise.

A Bros Guide to Ducking out of the Office Early on Friday

Get out of there.

5 Tips Every Bro Should Know To Look Like A Gentleman

For those who are just leaving college, here are BroBible's 5 tips for how to look like your inner gentleman.

How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes That Ruin a Night Out

It's a jungle out there.

6 Life Hacks to Save You From Life Hacks

Yeah, your life hacks are unnecessary. Sorry no one’s ever told you that before. Luckily, this bearded dude is here to show you how to

A Babe Gives 7 Easy Tips for Guys to Stop Looking So Disgusting

Personal grooming is only personal to a point because the rest of humanity are the ones who have to look at you. We’re all works

This Is Why You Don’t Take Selfies

You shouldn't take selfies or even really say the word "selfie" anyway—I'm sorry, I couldn't think of an acceptable substitute and "self-shot" isn't a word—but

8 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Hate You Less

You single motherfuckers don’t understand how easy you have it. Your only concern is falling ass-backwards into some strange and remembering the sordid details when

In Defense of ‘Dope Sauce’

If you're a fan of the site, you may have noticed a recent increase and general embracing of the phrase "dope sauce." Perhaps as abrasive

5 Steps for Starting Your Own Music Career, by Timeflies

Timeflies is one of the better acts to come out of the college music scene lately. Their sound is difficult to describe: It's pop and

How To Prepare For An Exam Without Actually Studying

Recently, I passed a test that I was violently unprepared for. This is the scholastic equivalent of finding a $20 bill in the pocket of

Family Fulfills Man’s Dying Wish to Leave $500 Tip on a Pizza Order

Aaron Collins, an honest-to-goodness Bro from Kentucky, died earlier this month. One of his wishes on his death bed was to leave a $500 tip

Here Are 8 Tips to Survive the Hell That is Finals Week

For many college students, finals week is already underway or about to begin. Too many people get caught up with the stresses that emerge this

This Week’s Tips Included a Severed Toe, Lacrosse Hatred, and a Farting Contest Invitation

We get a whole boatload of tips here at BroBible and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hearing from you, the readers, is really