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Stanford Grad Gets $2.1 Million For Her Tinder For Elite App

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Anyone can join Tinder, and that's great, but it's not great because there are no restrictions for people that definitely shouldn't be procreating.


This Guy Had The Worst Tinder Date EVER Because It Ended With Him Being Inside A Meth House With A Crackhead


We all know that Tinder isn’t the best filter when it comes to finding potential dates.


This Guy Spent A Week On Tinder As A Toilet Bowl, Received Hundreds Of Matches


  A guy named Alex, who has never used Tinder before, decided to join the dating app as a toilet bowl, because joining as himself wouldn't have made for a viral story.


The Atlanta Hawks Are Having A Tinder Night On Wednesday


The Atlanta Hawks are trumpeting a "Swipe Right Night" for Wednesday's game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

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