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Batman Impersonator Loses His Shit on Tourist, Has to Be Subdued By Spiderman Impersonator

Christian Bale is no longer the hardest motherfucker to play Batman. 

Times Square Cookie Monster Stares at Topless Girls, Ruins Our Childhoods

In the grand scheme of bizarre behavior by New York's costumed characters, staring at a couple of topless chicks is way more harmless than

Frat Dude Talks to Strangers About Valentine’s Day

Two weeks ago we got to see how people were celebrating the Super Bowl. In this week's edition I talk to people about a

This is a Times Square Fight for the Ages

Many of these so-called “epic fight” videos posted to YouTube fail to deliver the violence we, as a society, so deserve to enjoy. This is

Super Bowl Bet Forces Maria Menounos To Wear Bikini in Times Square

It turns out we all won a Super Bowl bet. Maria Menounos, the smoking hot "Extra" co-host, made good on a