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How Bad Do You Feel for Tim Tebow In This News Report On His Work Outs?

Poor Tim Tebow. Just never had the goods to make it as an elite NFL quarterback.

Quick, Think of the Most Tim Tebow Thing Tim Tebow Could Do …

The real America.

Because Of Course T-Mobile Put Tim Tebow In a 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

T-Mobile, the third-string mobile carrier, put Tim Tebow, the back-up to the third string college football analyst on ESPN, in a 2014 Super Bowl commercial.

25% of Americans Believe God Decides Football Games

This news isn't new, but it is interesting: a huge population of the United States—nearly 3 in 10 people—believe that God determines the outcome of football games,

Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel Fist-Bumped

Look, I don't care what you say ... these two fellas bumping fists gets its own post. One of these two must cuddle with SO

Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow Cave to Internet’s Demands, Appear in Picture Together

The final BCS Championship game is off to a hot start with Auburn and Florida State trading early blows. The crowd is frenzied and Brent

White Powder, Picture of Tim Tebow Shuts Down Jersey City City Hall

Is there anything Tim Tebow can’t ruin?

Here’s Tim Tebow Wearing Crocs and Jean Shorts

Ah, remember the glory days of when Tim Tebow was good at football, Crocs were cool*, and jean shorts -- a.k.a jorts -- could be

This Tim Tebow Plane is So Sad

A tremendously sad group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans are trying -- for some reason -- to stage a campaign for the team to sign Tim

Tom Brady Leaves Practice With Injury on Tim Tebow’s Birthday

Tim Tebow going with the obvious birthday wish. Not subtle at all.

The Tim Tebow Era Seems to Be Going Well in New England

From Pats reporter Tom Curran:

Check Out This Video of Tim Tebow and Tom Brady in 2011 Discussing ‘Handful’ Aaron Hernandez

It's almost like foreshadowing, in the sense that it sort of is and sort of isn't. Back in 2011, when Tebow was inducing his mania,

Jimmy Fallon Reprises ‘Tebowie’ to Hilariously Sing About Tim Tebow Becoming a Patriot

The worst thing that could have possibly happened this off-season, for people who listen to or watch a lot sports media, was Tim Tebow getting

In Defense Of Tim Tebow

Sometimes people need reminded that he's not all that bad... 

The New England Patriots Sign Tim Tebow

Jesus Christ. No, seriously. Jesus Christ.

It’s Tim Tebow Time in Jacksonville, According to this Bad Commercial

Tim Tebow could openly murder several puppies on the floor of the U.S. Senate and there would be Tim Tebow truthers out there defending him.

Omaha Beef Offer Tim Tebow a Job, Team’s Quarterback Puts Him on Blast

Tim Tebow, who moments ago cleared waivers and is officially a free agent, received a slap in the face disguised as a job offer from

New York Jets Cut Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is no longer a member of the New York Jets. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. No one? OK.

Tim Tebow Surprises Wichita State Shockers with Bus Pep Talk

After upsetting top-seeded Gonzaga to head to the Sweet 16, the Wichita State basketball team had quite a surprise when they got back to Kansas. New

ESPN Is Hopelessly Addicted to PEDs, Concussions, Tim Tebow, Stupidity

I don’t care about concussions and PEDs. I just don’t care and I don’t think anyone REALLY cares. But if you asked ESPN then you’d

ESPN Aired Ever More Tim Tebow Coverage Than It Wanted Today

What would a Super Bowl report be without Tim Tebow? That’s what ESPN would like to know.

Rex Ryan Has a Tattoo of His Wife Naked Except for a Mark Sanchez Jersey

You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no way this is real life.

8 Solid Reasons Tim Tebow Is 2012’s Most Annoying Public Figure

This was supposed to be the year the world ended. Tim Tebow did everything in his power to make that bold prediction seem reasonable. Never

The 20 Most Annoying Debates in Sports, Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend, Plus More Weekend Sports Links

Presenting your weekend sports fix, with enough good stuff to cure even the most severe cases of the Mondays. 

Camilla Belle is Apparently Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend

Tim Tebow is not having sex with a new girl. Or at least that’s the rumor.

For Some Reason, Jets Owner Woody Johnson Was Asked if Tim Tebow is Still a Virgin

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson was on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this morning. It was a good booking. Johnson knows a thing or two about

Tim Tebow Now a Proud Holder of Lifetime Membership to New York’s Museum of Sex

It’s only natural that a guy who has rushed for 33 yards on the season to get this type of treatment, right? That’s, like, a

NFL.com Has Renamed the Jets ‘Tebow’

If there was ever a sign that the Tebow phenomenon has driven every NFL analyst and writer bat-sh*t crazy, this is it.

‘Chicks Tebow Hasn’t Banged’ Is a Slideshow for the Ages

Tim Tebow is a virgin. Have you heard? It hasn't been in the news that much.

Santonio Holmes Begs Media to be Nice to New York Jets

Santonio Holmes is a team-first player, not one to ever cause any disturbances for the New York Jets, so it makes perfect sense he’s calling

NCAA Football 13 Lets You Commit College Football Blasphemy with Heisman Legends

Pretty cool new feature in EA Sports NCAA Football 13, which drops on July 10. Players can now commit the ultimate act of college football

High School Student’s Diploma Withheld After He Tebows During Graduation

When Chuck Shriner’s buddies bet him $5 he wouldn’t Tebow while receiving his high school diploma, he knew he’d just made some easy money. What

Tim Tebow Has Changed His Dog’s Name from Bronco to Bronx

Stop the presses. Tim Tebow has changed his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx. I always knew he had a lot in common with Pete

Paul Pierce Led the Celtics to Victory, Tebowed

As a society, we were doing such a good job of letting Tebowing die a natural death. And then Paul Pierce had to go ruin

A Cute Girl Took a Cardboard Cutout of Tim Tebow to Her Prom

Tim Tebow continues to have a remarkably passionate and silly fanbase.

Ashley Madison Will Give You $1M to Have Sex With Tim Tebow

In a move that’s not unethical in any way, AshleyMadison.com is offering $1 million to any woman who can deflower famous virgin Tim Tebow. The

Tim Tebow Brings Hope to New York in ‘Ghostbusters’ Parody

Somewhere, Eli Manning is scratching his head, wondering why the city of New York needs hope when the Giants just won the Super

Pat Robertson Says Denver Broncos Deserve Peyton Manning Injury

For some reason, television evangelist and squat machine enthusiast Pat Robertson weighed in on the Tim Tebow trade. It was predictably stupid.

Hatorade: Things Around the NFL Went Horribly Wrong Yesterday

Yesterday was a unique day in the NFL. Not good, mind you, but unprecedented. And while having the sporting universe at rapt attention on March

Tim Tebow Traded to New York Jets

The New York Jets just announced they’ve traded a fourth-round draft pick to Denver in exchange for Tim Tebow. The polarizing quarterback was put on