Tim Howard bro hug

Bro tries to hug American hero Tim Howard…NOPE


This is one of the those times where you don't need background info.

Tim Howard photoshop

This Tim Howard photoshop is perfect. Just perfect.


The hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave trended on Twitter following his spectacular outing against Belgium.

Tim Howard drugs

Tim Howard was ‘randomly’ drug tested after yesterday’s game because FIFA


American hero and soon-to-be presidential candidate Tim Howard made 16 saves in yesterday's loss to Belgium.


The United States Men’s Soccer Team Finally Beat Mexico in Mexico


The United States Men’s National Team had never won a match against its biggest rivals on Mexican soil in 75 years of trying (0-23-1) – until last night.

Tim Howard

Tim Howard Video: Watch the American Goalkeeper’s Incredible 100-Yard Goal


Earlier this afternoon Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard -- an American -- made soccer fans in home country proud by nailing this insanely long, 100-yard downfield goal against Bolton in the British Premier League.

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