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I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of Tim Howard’s 16 Saves Against Belgium

It's like a magic eye.

Tim Howard’s Girlfriend, Sara McLean, is HOT

Hi, Sara.

Here Are Pictures Of All the Things Tim Howard Could Save, Including The Ned Stark And Mufasa

Seriously, he needs to be in the next "Avengers" movie.

Someone Unearthed U.S. Goalie Tim Howard’s High School Yearbook Quote, It’s Obviously Fantastic

As yearbook quotes go, this one is prettay, prettay good.

Tim Howard Saved the Game (For Now) With a Miracle Save


The United States Men’s Soccer Team Finally Beat Mexico in Mexico

The United States Men’s National Team had never won a match against its biggest rivals on Mexican soil in 75 years of trying (0-23-1) –

Tim Howard Video: Watch the American Goalkeeper’s Incredible 100-Yard Goal

Earlier this afternoon Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard -- an American -- made soccer fans in home country proud by nailing this insanely long,