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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship Benefits From Weiner and Some Boobs

This may be the best installment yet. Stop and frisk is finally responsible for something great. Who saw THAT coming?

‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Is Another Hilarious Entry to the Canon

Jimmy Kimmel lets Dr. Phil, Chuck Schumer, and, of course, ole Paula Deen let the curse words fly.

Dr. J Can Still Feel Who’s WHAT Penetrating His WHAT? Plus Other Unnecessary Censorship

May these continue to never get old. 

A Healthy Amount of Weiner in This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

You know the drill. 

Barack Obama Just Cannot Keep Himself Out of ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Videos

I don't know if anyone, who hasn't died, is having a worse month. 

Don’t F*ck Your Friends is the Theme of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Bleeps and blurs, motherfucka! 

President Obama’s Rough Week Gets Rougher As He Lands On This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Bleeps, blurbs, and good old American unnecessary censorship fun.

Kim Kardashian’s Unborn Child is Not Immune to Unnecessary Censorship Jokes

Oh, that Jimmy Kimmel, he just loves censoring things whether it needs it or not. 

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Can’t Avoid This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

They didn't even say anything out loud, yet they still, somehow, manage to be included. Another reason why f it weren't for all the cash

Jimmy Kimmel Features a Dirty-Talking Hillary Clinton in Hilarious New ‘Unnecessary Censorship’

That big President Obama-Hillary Clinton lovefest on "60 Minutes" last Sunday is WAY better this way.

Jimmy Kimmel’s New Week in Unnecessary Censorship Is Hilarious as Usual

Hey, who's the hottie local news anchor at the 1:02 mark? She's got a future!