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No Suspects Yet In $70,000 Heist Of Bull Semen, So Be On The Lookout For Black Market Love Sauce


News broke yesterday of a $300 million jewelry heist in Britain last weekend, but it turns out that wasn't even close to being the most exciting heist that took place over the Easter holiday.

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Kids Steal A Box Of Cocaine From Their Neighbors Except When They Tasted It They Realized…CHRIST I NEED TO GO VOMIT


Here is some cocaine: Now here are some ashes: Notice how one looks rather lumpy while the other looks smooth like snow.

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Florida Man Tries To Steal Chainsaw–By Shoving It Down His Pants


If there are any shoplifting experts out there I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Florida man who tried stealing a chainsaw by shoving it down his pants.


Watch This Guy Steal A Port-A-Potty In What Is Probably The Dumbest Video You’ll Happily Watch All Day


I don’t know who this guy is or why he’s stealing the potty, but I won’t lie when I say that I sat here for 40 seconds and watched him do his darnedest to jack this potty out of a parking lot.


Former NBA Star Demonstrates Just How Easy It Is To Steal From An Apple Store


Rex Chapman retired from the NBA in 2000 with 592 career steals.


This Scumbag Stabs A Walmart Loss Prevention Guard After Getting Stopped For Theft, Promptly Gets DESTROYED


Being a Loss Prevention guy is like being a cop, except with none of the weapons or training.

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