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Sexy Dutch Model Caught Shoplifting Some Chocolate From Whole Foods

Like Winona Ryder, but better looking.

These British Lads Found An Ingenious Way To Get A Ton Of Booze For Free

Ocean's 14?

This Young Couple Gets Their Rocks Off By Stealing $10,000 Baby Dinosaurs From Museums

There's no sex quite like post-baby dinosaur theft sex.

You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Willing To Steal A $5000 Pair Of Yeezy Shoes From A Homeless Guy In This Video

People suck.

Family Dollar Manager Catches White Trash Woman Trying to Steal Febreze, Proceeds to Lose His Goddamn Mind

Don't make a Family Dollar store manager choke a bitch!

Royals Fan Runs Onto Field, Steals Rosin Bag, Delights Crowd

We’ve seen our fair share of jerks run out onto the field during Major League Baseball Games. But we’ve never seen one like the guy

‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen from Bryan Cranston’s Car is Still Missing

One guy just couldn’t wait for his Walter White fix.

Nun Caught On Camera Shoplifting Beer

I can't blame her and I sincerely hope they don't try to get her arrested. It's not like she can walk up to the register

Guy Sets Up Webcam to Catch Fruit-Stealing Janitor, Shames Her

Apparently this cubicle warrior wasn’t happy with the cleaning lady stealing fruit off his desk. Instead of making a sign that simply said “stop stealing