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Slim Charles From ‘The Wire’ Was Stabbed; Wants Everyone To Know He Also Lost His Phone

You come at the king's phone, you best not miss.

Snoop From The Wire Gave The Greatest Instagram Birthday Shout-out of All Time

Some families are just closer than others.

Omar Coming: Michael K. Williams Is a Total Badass Is MGMT’s New Music Video

Start your whistling and grab your shotgun: Omar's comin'. Michael K. Williams stars in the music video for MGMT's "Cool Song No. 2." It's worth

Five Great Television Scenes That Speak Volumes About the Human Condition

The past fifteen years has arguably been the greatest stretch in the history of television. While you've probably heard that statement

‘The Wire’s’ Senator Clay Davis Just OWNED Vine

Yes, Senator (a.k.a. Isiah Whitlock), this is how we all feel about Vine.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Wire’

Today, Slate excerpted a section of Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution, a Brett Martin book on the spate

‘EW’ Releases List of 10 Best TV Shows of All Time

You know No. 1. You know it.

How To Spend St. Patrick’s Day Like The Ultimate Irishman, Jimmy McNulty

Hands down the best drunk, piece of sh*t, and AWESOME cop in the history of television. 

This Is the Most Underrated Bromance In Television History

It's Friday afternoon and I'm having some trouble finding stuff on the internet that'll go TOTALLY VIRAL, so it's time to pull some tricks out

‘Are You Watching the Wire?’ Brilliantly Mocks Those Obsessed with Shows They’re Currently Watching

If you're on a "Breaking Bad" binge, you'll inevitably start talking like Jesse and Heisenberg. If it's "Mad Men," time to think and act like

Michael K Williams’ Latest Tweet Suggests Robert Chew (Prop Joe) Has Died

Michael K Williams, better known as Omar from “The Wire,” just tweeted this out about his former co-star Robert Chew. Chew played Proposition Joe on the

Last Night’s ‘Family Guy’ Totally Owned People Who Don’t Shut Up About ‘Breaking Bad’ (and the Wire)

Upsettingly accurate. 

‘Breaking Bad, The Wire Style’ Is a Must-Watch for Fans of Either Show

Got to keep that Heisenberg, way down in the hole. 

Retired Police Captain Rips Apart War on Drugs, Advocates Strongly for Legalization

Peter Christ is a former Police Captain. Here, he makes a compelling argument about how the "War on Drugs" has failed, and needs a major

The Best of ‘One-Star Reviews,’ a Tumblr Devoted to the Fact That ‘Somebody Hates Everything’

Pretty funny stuff here. In the spirit of great things somehow having doubters, "One-Star Reviews" went internet fishing to find some hilariously self-righteous and scathing

Steve Love’s Impressions from ‘The Wire’ Are Fantastic

DAMN. Our boy Steve Love -- the best impressionist on YouTube -- just one-upped himself once again. This time he nails most of the major

Obama Campaign to Host a ‘Wire’ Themed Fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard

In a move that pretty much undermines everything HBO's critically acclaimed drama stood for, the Obama Campaign is hosting a "Wire" themed fundraiser in a

The ‘Lego Wire’ is Worth Your Time

“The Wire” was a very adult show. Legos are a very kid-friendly toy. Combining the two results in something the entire family can enjoy.

Experience the Magic That Is ‘The Wire: The Musical’

Someone give Funny Or Die a standing ovation. For the 10th anniversey of The Greatest TV Show Ever, The Wire, they reunited cast members Michael

VIDEO: Every Single Epigraph Moment in ‘The Wire’

We all agree that "The Wire" is not only the greatest show in HBO history, but probably TV history, right? It's a little old, but

Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld Really, Really Hates ‘The Wire’

Well, sheeeeeet. It's been nearly three years since the last episode of HBO's "The Wire." In those three years, there has yet to be a