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Of Course ‘The Situation’ Was Arrested For Getting Into a Fight at a Tanning Salon

But not just any tanning salon... The tanning salon in New Jersey that he owns...

New Study Claims ‘Jersey Shore’ Made America More Sexually Promiscuous

A normal person would think that people who routinely watched the sex-crazed Guidos of Jersey Shore make complete asses of themselves […]

Jimmy Fallon Introduces a Delicious New Product: ‘Jersey Shore’ Water

"The Jersey Shore" premiered last night — no, we didn't watch it either, but apparently the tanned crew have traded Club Karma for the local

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s Dad is Just As Big of a D-Bag As You’d Expect Him to Be

Today's big, celebrity news non-shocker: "The Situation's" dad is just as much of a D-bag attention hoe as his son is! Yesterday Frank Sorrentino launched

It’s Time to Change the Playbook After This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

    In the "Seinfeld" episode “The Opposite,” George isn’t having success with the way things are going in his life. He decides to scrap the way

Sending the Trash Back to the Staten Island Dump on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Last night marked the second to last episode of this "Jersey Shore" season and I was hoping things would pick up a little bit to

We Found the Missing Part of Your Situation Halloween Costume

The Situation recently lost his bid to trademark his name. Result: The Situation Shirt. Get your Dick's Cotton sunglasses here to complete the look.

The Ho Equation is Proved on Last Night’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Yesterday was dedicated to one thing and one thing alone: the start of the NFL season. There was, however, a new "Jersey Shore" episode that

Vinny Goes Back-to-Back on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

  One week from now I’ll actually be down in Miami. I haven’t done my research yet on the nightlife scene, but I’m curious as to

A Cat Fight That Would Make Raquel Welch Proud on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

  Thursday marked opening night for the college football season and people in Jersey were in a celebratory mood. Unfortunately for the Rutgers program, the people

The Anonymous Note and the Hippopotamus on This Week’s Jersey Shore

  Those of us who have stuck through the last two episodes of "Jersey Shore" seem to have something to look forward to next week when

Stupidity at All-Time High on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

  Other than a few great one liners and Ronnie rolling off his bed drunk and landing on his head, the highlights were few and far

Snooki, Situation, and their ‘Jersey Shore’ Castmates Get Taiwanese Computer Animation Treatment

  Another day, another Taiwanese computer graphic-animated send up of a current event. Today's installment: the first two episodes of the second season of "Jersey Shore."

Jersey Shore’ Starts Out with a Bang and a Few Double Baggers

  If anyone was worried that this season of "Jersey Shore" wouldn’t be as good as last season, the first episode proved that’s definitely not the

Ten Burning Questions for Season 2 of ‘Jersey Shore’

  The day has finally come. "Jersey Shore" is finally back in our lives. The GTL lifestyle hit South Beach back in April and we finally