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Jim’s Greatest Pranks on Dwight in ‘The Office’

Oh Jim... Your pranks on Dwight at Dunder-Mifflin were one of the best things about The Office. I double dog dare you to put your co-worker's

‘The Office’ Ends Tonight So Here Are the Best Jim vs. Dwight Moments

Tonight is the series finale of The Office and since I failed to plan accordingly to provide a proper tribute to this long-standing pop-culture staple,

‘Breaking Bad Meets the Office’ Is a Mashup of Two Shows People Talk Loudly About

Phrases like dude! and you've gotta watch it! and seriously, man! 

The 10 Most Annoying Things People Say In the Workplace

College is without a doubt the best time for a bro: A glorious 4-6 year span of pure euphoria that never seemed to end. Well,

Rainn Wilson Spoofs Angus T. Jones’ Rant Saying How ‘The Office’ is Filth

Shameless, well-played plug, Rainn. Shameless, well-played plug, indeed.

Watch an 18-Minute Blooper Reel from ‘The Office’

After nine season, the paper-selling gang from Dunder Mifflin is throwing in the towel on the workplace hijinx. We're going to miss Michael, Dwight, Pam,

Feel Free to Watch Steve Carell’s Speech to Princeton Grads

As commencement speeches go, Steve Carell’s wasn’t altogether horrible. It’s roughly 500 times better than Michael Scott would have done. The students at Princeton sure

L.A. Kings Deliver Playoff Tickets to ‘The Office’ Star, Rainn Wilson in Jell-O

Being a celebrity seems pretty f*cking awesome, the women, the fame, the NHL playoff tickets securely tucked inside of a dessert.

What the Hell is Stanley from ‘The Office’ Doing with His Own Music Video?

Leslie David Baker, aka the Black Hugh Hefner (per the song's credits), aka Stanley Hudson from "The Office," has made a music video.

‘The Office’ Season 8 Preview Is Promising Heavy Amounts of Spader

What we do know is that James Spader will be on "The Office" this season. What we don't know, however, is who will be Michael

VIDEO: ‘The Office’ Set to Dubstep

Ever wonder what "The Office" would look like if it had a dubstep soundtrack? Yes? Really?! Well, if you're a fan of wet, bwomp bwomp