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Mets Fans Got Into an Excellent Brawl at a 50 Cent Concert at Citi Field

It's the Mets, so assume no one won.

This Outstanding Video Perfectly Captures the Daily Struggle of Opening a Tight Lid

Techinically a fail, though we've all been there. Doesn't stop the announcers though. RUTHLESS. 

Great Rant by a Frustrated 4 Year-Old Mets Fan Sums Up Why So Many ‘Fans’ are Frontrunners

This is one of the better things I've seen in awhile---a four year-old is really upset that the Mets franchise is one of the foremost

Mike Francesa Goes Off on a ‘YUUUUGE’ Rant Against the Mets

Radio personality Mike Francesa isn't any stranger to radio explosion--the majority of his career on Mike & the Mad Dog was predicated on crazy back