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Guy Has His Mother Retell the Story of ‘The Matrix,’ with Hilarious Results

Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi had his 65-year-old mother watch The Matrix, then describe its plot. The result is wonderful.

Want to Avoid ‘The FREAKIN’ Friend Zone?’ This Video Hilariously Explains How

Gotta be like Neo. 

What Do You Think of the Trailer for the Wachowskis’ New Movie ‘Cloud Atlas’?

The Wachowskis, who made "The Matrix" series, "V for Vendetta," and the regrettable "Speed Racer," have a new movie coming out this October, and it looks

This ‘Matrix’/‘Office Space’ Mashup Will Not Give You a Case of the Monday’s

This is why I will love YouTube until my dying day. Two movies that share the same bland, corporate, late 90's office environments—"Office Space" and