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8 of the most badass movie soundtracks of all time


A film's music can convey emotion, propel action and nail a finale like nothing else, but some movies go above and beyond by skipping the more tasteful Academy Award-winning fare in favor of a musical medley of total badassery.

The Matrix

Guy Has His Mother Retell the Story of ‘The Matrix,’ with Hilarious Results


Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi had his 65-year-old mother watch The Matrix, then describe its plot.


New ‘No Food’ diet is basically ‘The Matrix’


The first time I heard about a diet involving eating a single product consisting of all necessary vitamins and minerals, I immediately thought of "Tasty Wheat" scene from The Matrix.

Wedding Crashers

9 movie characters who are undeniably stalkerish

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Hollywood is filled with unrealistic characters –- robot killers from the future, vampires, talking dogs, boy wizards, teenwolves, the Kardashians, etc.

Video games

The evolution of PC game graphics, in a very long highlight reel


PC game graphics have made some significant strides over the past 14 years.

The Matrix

9 popular movies and what to say about them to sound smart


So you’re hanging out with friends and someone brings up a popular movie that you haven’t seen.


What Do You Think of the Trailer for the Wachowskis’ New Movie ‘Cloud Atlas’?


The Wachowskis, who made "The Matrix" series, "V for Vendetta," and the regrettable "Speed Racer," have a new movie coming out this October, and it looks to be either sweeping and mind-blowingly ambitious, or batsh*t crazy.


Finally, the ‘Matrix’/’Office Space’ mashup the late 90s demanded


You might not think that revolutionary slow-mo kung fu clusterf-ck The Matrix and Office Space would make for strong mashup fodder.

The Matrix

7 of the best movie shootouts ever


Action movies come in many flavors, from action comedies all the way to action horrors.


13 of the most memorable opening scenes in movies

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Even your mom will tell you that first impressions are important.

X Men

10 female movie characters who could totally kick your ass

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Not every female movie character is looking to fall in love with Hugh Grant or give birth to the offspring of a sparkling vampire.

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