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Watch Rafi’s Best Entrances Ever on ‘The League’

Rafi (a.k.a. Jason Mantzoukas) has been an unexpected and wonderful addition to The League ever since his auspicious first appearance. Ruxin's brother-in-law has become known

The Worst People In Your Fantasy Football League

Every fantasy football league has a Raffi. 

‘The League,’ ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Renewed for Two More Years, Being Moved to New Comedy Network FXX

Big news today for any fans of It's Always Sunny and The League, and we felt the need to pass it on in case you

Three GIFs From Brooklyn Decker’s Hilarious Guest Spot on ‘The League’

I don't know how we missed this earlier in the week, so we'll let you know now. In case you missed it, Brooklyn Decker was

Kate Aselton, AKA Jenny from ‘The League,’ Was Miss Teen Maine in 1995

Fun fact of the day? Fun fact of the day. 

The 32 Hottest Girls In ‘The League’

Maybe it's just me, but "The League" is perhaps the only half-hour comedy that's managed to fill the void "Entourage" left us. It's exactly how

Yes! The First Promos for ‘The League’ Have Arrived!

For three years straight, "The League" is my only reason to stay in on Thursday nights in fall. Hands down one of the funniest comedies

Best of the ‘Fantasy Football Guy’ Meme

We all know one. Here's his highest and lowest points (mostly the latter) in meme form. 

‘The League,’ ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Return Next Month

Wa-hoo! FX announced today that two of its most-loved shows will be returning perhaps earlier than expected.

Hey! ‘The League’ is Back Tonight! Let’s Celebrate With ‘The Best of Rafi’ Supercut

One of our favorite shows returns to television this evening, following a new "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." That would be "The League,"

‘The League’ Has a Special Message to the NFL RE: The Lockout

If you've been reading BroBible for a while, you know that "The League" is absolutely one of our favorite shows on television. Regardless of whether

PREVIEW: The 20 Fall TV Shows Every Bro Should Be Watching

Excited for the upcoming fall TV lineup? You should be. We can finally say goodbye to “Entourage,” a show on its way out, and say