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Here’s Dave Chappelle’s Full Interview with David Letterman Last Night

Dave Chappelle went on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to discuss his upcoming gig at Radio City Music Hall.

BRB Watching This Video of Adorable Penguins Eat on ‘Letterman’

Supes cute. Supes.

Louis CK Became the First Person to Say ‘Sucks Balls’ on Letterman

Which is why we love him.

Stephen Colbert Will Be on Letterman Tonight. Watch This Teaser Clip First.

Present meets future.

Here’s How Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reacted to the ‘Late Show’ Host Announcement

Yesterday, the entire world reported that Stephen Colbert will be taking over The Late Show once David Letterman finally retires.

Andrew Dice Clay Left the Most Andrew Dice Clay Voicemail on Louis C.K.‘s Phone

Last night, Louis C.K. was on The Late Show with David Letterman promoting his latest film Blue Jasmine. One of his co-stars in that movie

I Wish Michael Cera Would Have Talked About Doing Cocaine Off Girls’ Butts on ‘Letterman’ Last Night

If you saw "This Is the End," as I did over the holiday weekend, you'll get what the headline to this article means. For my perhaps

Lindsay Lohan Went On ‘Letterman’ Last Night, Predictable Awkwardness and Tears Ensued

I don't know what I was expecting when I turned on CBS and saw Lindsay Lohan sitting there talking to David Letterman, but what I