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Look At All The Idiots On Facebook Who Think This Fake Parody Story About A Navy SEAL Is Real


Because I enjoy a good laugh and take very few things seriously, I love what The Onion does.

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Your Favorite Porn Site Might Be Watching You Fap, Even If You’re In Incognito Mode


Yesterday VICE's Motherboard published a surreal, Orwellian post about how porn sites track user data around the web.


Scientists Want To Communicate With Aliens By Sharing Our Internet Porn With Them


Instead of sending an infinite loop of beeps and boops into space in an attempt to communicate with aliens, scientists are proposing a radical new plan to blast our Internet into outer space via laser.

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What If The Internet Was A High School And Everyone Was Freaking Out Over Snapchat Sending Dick Pics?


I'm just so happy that BroBible makes an appearance in this video by Cracked.


Allow SCIENCE! To Explain Why Some People See The Dress As White And Gold

By | 8 Comments

A debate over the color of a dress has broken the Internet.

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‘Where Models Party’ Website Will Tell You Where Hot Models Are Partying Based Off Their Instagram Posts

By | 2 Comments

Today we learned about a new website designed to get you -- Joe Commoner -- to party with models.


Guy Forgets To Log Out Of Gmail At The Apple Store, So Two Bros Decided To Teach Him A Little Lesson


A BroBible tipster sent us a prank they pulled on a person at the Apple store who forgot to log out of their Gmail account.


Pornhub Creates ‘Fapworthy,’ a Site That Makes ‘Upworthy’-Style Headlines for Porn Titles


Finally someone combined the Internet's true love -- porn -- with Upworthy-esque titles.

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