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Pornhub Creates ‘Fapworthy,’ a Site That Makes ‘Upworthy’-Style Headlines for Porn Titles

Finally someone combined the Internet's true love -- porn -- with Upworthy-esque titles.

What Women Want From Men During Skype Sex

Skype? Facetime? Google Hangout? Just tools for mutually jerking it.

Stripper Locker Room is a Tumblr Where Strippers Share Photos of Themselves Getting Ready

Where the magic happens.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Give a Talk in 2005 to an Empty Room at Harvard

This is a very fascinating artifact from the annals of Internet History. In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg went back to Harvard -- where he founded Facebook

MeatSpin dot com Is Dead. RIP MeatSpin

It's a dark day on the internet.

Cats Puking Set to Techno Beats Is All You Could Want in an Internet Video

This is just so goddamn perfect. The convulsing of cats as they try to vomit up hairballs matches perfectly with […]

Let’s Name This Baby ‘Megatron’

A Canadian man on Reddit is entrusting strangers to name his unborn daughter. From now until her expected due date on April 2, his site dedicated

Placing Adult Film Comments Over Stock Photos Is Simultaneously Hilarious and Horrifying

Look, let's not beat around the bush here: Everyone knows PornHub and RedTube and other porn sites have comments at the bottom of their videos, but

Emily Ratajkowski’s New Website is Up and She is Looking Gorgeous

Emily Ratajkowski's got a new website.

If Popular Books Had Clickbait Titles

As someone whose life's worth is valued by how much people respond to his tweets, this is the most brilliant thing I will see today.

Someone Drew Every Outfit Walter White Wore in ‘Breaking Bad’

What do you do when you have too much time on your hand and love Breaking Bad?

‘Full Screen Mario’ is Your Productivity Killer Today

Were you planning on doing any work the rest of today? Too bad. All of Super Mario Bros. is on the internet for you to

Four Things Fraternities Should Keep Off Of The Internet Read

We probably shouldn't have to have this talk in 2013. But, because of this, and this, and this, we are going to have this talk. 

RUN FOR THE HILLS: Gchats are Going to the Wrong People

Today in news that could potentially rip apart offices and families: Gchat—the way all the cool kids interact post-college—glitched out this morning, sending users' messages to the wrong

15 Subreddits That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet

If you don’t "know" Reddit, think of it this way: Google is where people go to search for things. Reddit is where you go to see the things

8 Signs You’re Using The Internet Wrong

Do you even Internet right, Bro?

New Porn Site Features I Wish Existed

"Google Bangout" is the greatest Internet feature I've ever heard of... Make it happen, Big G... 

Did This Murderer Give Himself Away on Yelp?

Kind of?

Video Explains What the Internet Is Doing to Your Brain

In short, it's f*cking the shit out of it. With the help of Nicholas Carr, author of "The Shallows," Epipheo created this nifty animated video explaining

The Entire Internet Boiled Down to One Picture

How many famous faces, memes and viral superstars can you identify? If it’s all of them, you might need a hobby.

The 10 Best April Fools Day Pranks on the Internet

April Fools Day: Annoying, occasionally clever, and, increasingly, a chance for websites to attempt to one-up each other in the joke-making department. After being burned

This Funny Video Imagines a World Without the Internet

Serious question: Would life be better off without it?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Apparently a Full-Time Redditor Now

Last night, some Redditor under the name "GovSchwarzenegger" went on R/fitness and posted a video with the caption "This inspired me, and I bet it

Introducing the New Meme Guaranteed to Maim: The Knife Song

The Harlem Shake's time in the sun has come and gone. The New York Times has written a trend piece on the dance, so it's

Internet Pirate Kim Dotcom Launched New MegaUpload Service with Hot Chicks, Helicopters

Kim Dotcom—the Internet pioneer, founder of MegaUpload, and Cameron from "Modern Family"—pulled off quite possibly the weirdest and greatest product launch ever at his New

Arnold Schwarzenegger Did a Reddit AMA and Killed It

Sorry, sorry, it seems like we're highlighting these a lot around here lately. But this is too good to pass up.

4 Things You Learn Quickly About Internet Hate

Trolls gonna troll. 

Playboy’s ‘1990’s Girls of the Internet’ Video Is a Wondrous Flashback Indeed

Here's your daily dose of wow, I forgot how much the world must've sucked before the internet. 

This Infographic Shows How Much the Internet Has Changed Over the Decade

Think back on what the Internet was like 10 years ago. There was no Facebook, obviously, or YouTube or Wikipedia—the two forces that simultaneously help