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Kate Upton Is Back in the Hottie Index!

It's been wayyy too long, Kate.

Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and (Not!) McKayla Maroney Headline This Week’s Hottie Index

Because they are hotties.

There Is Serious World Cup Influence on This Week’s Hottie Index

It's like the World Cup. Of hotties.

Did We Really Leave Katy Perry Out of This Week’s Hottie Index?

You'll have to click to find out.

We Like Them Fresh in This Week’s Hottie Index

But not too fresh.

The NFL Reigns Supreme in This Week’s Hottie Index

NFL Bros get all the babes.

Talk is Cheap in This Week’s Hottie Index

All the hotties, all the time.

We Are Baring Everything in This Week’s Hottie Index

Hotties for days.

This Week’s Hottie Index Is Big on the Boobs

Big, big on the boobs.

Basketball is Over, So Let’s Take Solace in This Week’s Hotties

It's open season for hotties.

Lindsay Lohan and McKayla Maroney Highlight the Hottest Girls of the Week

It's all the best hotties in this week's Hottie Index.

This Week in Babes: Lindsey Duke, Miranda Kerr and Many More

It's been a good week for Babes.

This Week’s Hottie Index Features Some of Our Favorites

The Hottie Index is here!

Underwear is Optional in This Week’s Hottie Index

With the Olympics over, it’s time to shift the hottie focus back to the general population. But we don’t completely abandon the Olympic […]

Make Sure to Cheer on The Olympians in This Week’s Hottie Index

The Olympic madness continues and so do our Olympic hotties. They’re just falling from the sky at this time of year. […]

You Need No More than Olympians and Singles in This Week’s Hottie Index

Friday marked the beginning of the Olympics, which means loads of tape-delayed coverage on NBC while we all read live […]

Wake Up from the Tryptophan for This Week’s Hottie Index

Your week of food, football, and boozing with high school friends is sadly over. You’re now either back at the office, or in school and hating that

There are Choices Aplenty for This Week’s Hottie Index

There were a lot of options to choose from for this week’s Hottie Index, so we really had to buckle down. We invited every candidate over to

Fall Back into This Week’s Hottie Index with Selfies Galore

School is back. Football’s back. Sweaters are unfortunately back as well. We had a good run. At least the college kids get to break in

This Week’s Hottie Index Will Help You Kill Time Until Super Sunday

While we all sit and wait to see Kate Upton’s commercial on a 55-inch TV screen, there are plenty of other girls out there making

Darnell Docket Would Not Enjoy This Week’s Hottie Index

It’s OK for you and your friends to have differing opinions on women. In fact it might be even for the better to know they

This Week’s Hottie Index Helps You Kill Time Until Turkey Week

We’re only a few days away from Thanksgiving, so you’re probably focused on “Big Wednesday” or whatever you call one of the best bar nights

One You Know Well and Four You Likely Don’t in this Week’s Hottie Index

We’ve been at this Hottie Index thing for almost a full three years now. A lot of the same names come across our lists, but

2011 Was An Enjoyable Year For The Hottie Index

As it’s a slow week of news between Christmas and New Year’s, we decided to look back at the year that was in the

Searching High and Low for Value in This Week’s Hottie Index

Some weeks are more difficult than others at the Hottie Index. I can’t say it’s the most unpleasant research to do. There could be

Sports Are All the Rage in This Week’s Hottie Index

‪After taking Thanksgiving week off while our readers hopefully stuffed a few things other than turkeys (no the fat chick who could’ve been confused with

Our Hottie Index Girls Are on a 7-Game Winning Streak

As we start to grasp the reality of a cold winter heading our way on the East Coast, we look to things for enjoyment and

Doing the Dirty Work for This Week’s Hottie Index

It was a tough week in Hottie Index land when looking for candidates, but we feel like we held up our end of the bargain.

Cheating Is Quite Prevalent in This Week’s Hottie Index

...That is, of course, if you believe the tabloids. And if you care that the people doing the cheating were Donald Trump and Justin Bieber.

Our Hottie Index Girls Dream About Getting Nekked, and Often Do

This week’s Hottie Index covers various topics including streaking, topl*ss celebrities, ambiguous movie names, threesomes, and the sexiest woman of the year. That might seem

The Top of the Pyramid Isn’t the Best Position in This Week’s Hottie Index

Editor's Note: This here is Mr. T's Hottie Index. It's a weekly column that doesn't suck balls. That lazy f*ck chose not to write an

Plenty of Thunder From Down Under in This Week’s Hottie Index

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but we’re back to the written version of the Hottie Index. In case you forgot how we

Going Out With a Bang Before the Hottie Index Heads Back to Its Roots

This week's Hottie Index starts out with a bang — notably between a certain former vice-presidential candidate and a certain former basketball player — and

Football Daughters, Titanic M.I.L.F.s, and Reverse B**b Jobs in This Weeks’ Hottie Index

If you’re tuning into this video, you’re excited for another week at the Hottie Index. While government types fight over jobs and social security, here

The Hottie Index Heats Up the Last Week of Summer

Sadly we've reached the last week of the summer, but the hot never stops at the Hottie Index. We present enough girls in bikinis to

There’s an Overabundance of Hotness in This Week’s Hottie Index

Here we go again with another edition of the Hottie Index. One name you won’t see this weekend is Irene. That dumb b*tch just ruined

New Faces, Old Faces, and Breasts In Between in This Week’s Edition of the Hottie Index

Variety is the spice of life and the chicks in this weeks Hottie Index are all kinds of spicy. They're all kinds of physically attractive

Babes, Babes, and Fake B**bed Babes in this Week’s Hottie Index Hosted By Jenn Sterger

If the economy has left you with a frown on thatl face of yours, allow me to cheer you up with this week’s edition of

Clooney’s New Catch and an NFL-Bred P*rn Star In This Week’s Hottie Index

Welcome back to another hot summer week of the Hottie Index. We’re not cooling you off from the warm weather this week because we’re in

Movie Babes, Sexy Models, and a Dumped Chick In This Weeks Hottie Index: Hosted by Jenn Sterger

Welcome to another titilacious edition of the hottie index. We do highlight nekked asses this week as well. Along for the ride is a rising